How to Enjoy Being Above Average Weight

Are you fat and feeling guilty? Do you love food but eat secretly? Are there reasons for your piggishness? This short guide is designed to help you enjoy being yourself. With 25% of UK adults clinically obese,fat is the new thin! Why not shed the guilt, luxuriate in your obsession, double up the portions and spit in the face of what was current acceptability?

Of course it would generally be considered unethical to advocate gluttony as some kind of life choice - it is after all, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. But perhaps there are times in an individual's life when total excess, whether in terms of food, drink, sex, drugs or indeed any other kind of over the top activity, may be satisfying or calming or therapeutic in some way. Wikipedia defines Hedonism as, 'A school of thought which argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good...a hedonist strives to maximize this net pleasure (pleasure minus pain).' So the hedonistic food-lover would certainly overeat until the detrimental effects impacted to such an extent that some restraint is self imposed.

But how can we overcome those entrenched tremors of guilt that our upbringing dictates we should feel every time we pig out? Obviously, we do need to lose these feelings of guilt because such feelings are not conducive to enjoyment. Or perhaps not? Maybe for you,the challenge of successfully hiding your gluttony is a challenge you enjoy? Why not look over my personal tips below?


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    Don't feel guilty. Feeling guilty is not healthy, so perhaps you can rationalise your gluttony by thinking about its root cause. Is it a reaction to something which happened many years ago? Is it attention-seeking? is it because you have little self respect - if so, why? Did a relationship break down? Did you suffer ill health or an injury? Knowing why you love eating three times more than the average person, should free up the guilt and allow you to really savour those piggy moments.
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    Prepare good food. You may have cravings to gorge until the stretch marks strain around your sagging girth, but what you eat is the sum of who you are. Try to avoid the usual bad things and eat better quality food when possible. Of course, there are numerous lapses. But taking the time to gather ingredients and prepare a nutritious meal does add a sense of achievement to the eating process.
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    Plan to make some improvement in the future. This may just take the form of saying to yourself that there will come a time when you will feel better able to start exercising more. When you have the right state of mind, you will be able to walk, swim, cycle or do whatever activity you prefer. But it is some time in the future, and you will know when that time has arrived. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself!
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    Weigh yourself less. Think about the heaviest you have ever been - then add 10%. That number, in kilograms is your expectation every time you get on the scales. If you actually weigh less, pat yourself on the back. Defeating a high weight expectation leads to a happier soul.
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    Buy clothes which are larger than you need. My wife mistakenly bought a suit for me which was 2 sizes too big. It gathered dust and for years I thought how big it was. How could anyone be so pig-like to allow themselves to get that big? Then I literally fulfilled my destiny. I put on weight and now it fits perfectly. I feel happy about that! If by any unimaginable phenomenon you fail to big up and wear the outsize clothes you buy, then just marvel, with a smug smile, your amazing restraint. Pat yourself on the back.
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    Think temporary! Nobody desires to be fleshy and wobbly, or suffer ill health through gluttony and bad eating habits. But we know inside the whale-like shell we inhabit there is a nice person, often misunderstood, who has a plan - a master plan for improvement! The state is temporary, a work in progress.
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    Accept that, just like alcoholism, gluttony is with you for life. What may change is how you handle the journey. If you are at this stage in your life, accept it, relax about it, enjoy it when you can. It is part of you.


  • Please take medical advice before implementing any suggestions

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