How to Enjoy Being a Pharmacy Tech

Being a pharmacy technician can be difficult and stressful but with the proper attitude and actions it can be as enjoyable a job as any. These steps should help any retail pharmacy technician learn to look forward to going to work.


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    Search different pharmacy locations in your area. Find which pharmacies are hiring, and what each is offering for wages.
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    Choose a pharmacy that is usually busy. While busier pharmacies may seem like they'd be more work, they are actually essential to enjoying your job as a tech. If your store is busy there will be more technicians on duty and thus more people for you to talk to and befriend. Also having work to do also makes the time go by faster. However, a slow pharmacy provides an easier transition when training and more time and energy to focus on patients.
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    Learn. There is much to learn in a pharmacy if you make yourself open to absorbing the information. Listen to the pharmacists' counsel to patients and their answers to patient questions. Think about what kind of medicine you are handling and what it is for, and how it relates to other medications. Get to know the brands vs. generic. Not only can you learn about prescriptions, but about the different conditions they treat and effect. There is also much to read in the pharmacy, you can read the books on pharmaceuticals and diseases. Learning will make your job seem more worthwhile.
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    Make good use of your "down time," if you ever get any. Bring a book, or do homework, or focus on learning more as described in the preceding step.
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    Talk. There isn't much time for recreation behind the pharmacy counter, but there is always time to talk. Talk to customers and you take their scripts and ring them out, and talk to your fellow technicians. The more people you talk to, the more fun you'll have, and the more you'll enjoy your job.
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    Ask. One of the most stressful parts of being a pharmacy tech is not knowing what to do in a given situation. However, the pharmacist on duty usually knows how to solve whatever problem you may have and asking them is a great way to get help. Don't be shy to ask for the same thing more than once. Pharmacists understand that there are many things to learn and that technicians can't always keep track of everything. Remember, in this job it is important to have no mistakes.
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    Resolve. Don't leave any issues unresolved. If your shift is over before a problem is solved, let another technician or pharmacist know so they can continue to work on the problem. Don't be afraid to leave notes either. You don't want to be blamed for a mistake later.


  • Always ask.
  • Dress professionally. People will respect you more, and it can make you actually feel more serious and dedicated to your job. If you get tired of your white jacket, accessorize, or wear stylish shoes and pants, or spend more time making your hair look more uniquely styled.
  • Try to work shorter shifts (for part-timers).
  • Have patience with insurance companies.
  • Don't feel pressured.


  • Never guess.
  • Stay calm.

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