How to Enjoy Being a Bridesmaid

Planning a wedding is exciting for everyone involved. The Bride has to find the proper wedding dress for her size and figure and also chooses the gowns for her Bridesmaids. Everyone will use the telephone to call friends and family making plans. Being chosen to be a bridesmaid is an honor bestowed on each one, and has important obligations to go with the title. It is natural to become a bit nervous at the thought, but once you think about the fun, the gowns, and helping the bride to get dressed on the wedding day, the nerves leave and anticipation excitement take over. Flow with it, and enjoy it, because after the wedding, all the fun is over.


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    Think about all the things that you feel might go wrong now! Do you think you might gain weight after your gown is selected and that it will not fit you? Are you nervous because you fear that your shoes will be too tight and hurt while you stand at the altar, or walk down the aisle?. Choose the best diet for you and stay on it after the gown is bought, and wear shoes that you know will not hurt.
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    Get excited at helping to choose the color and/or style of your gown. Generally, all the bridesmaids have to wear the same dress, or at least the same color, so don't expect the selection to be an easy one. Every girl thinks they look better in a different dress, so anticipate some fun disputes over making the choice.
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    Check out various hairstyles ahead of time. Play around with different shades of eye shadow. Find the color that makes your eyes stand out. Look forward to looking your best, and be excited at sharing such a special day with your friends.
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    Start making the bride a special wedding gift. Make a wedding scrapbook for her, filled with pictures taken with all of you prior to the wedding. Make sure you have pictures of you all trying on shoes, and different hairstyles. She will look back at all the excitement she shared with all her friends who helped plan the wedding.


  • Also remember, if you're nervous or you find a flaw in your appearance, don't worry! The audience will be more focused on the couple, not you.
  • Remember, it is up to the bride to select the gowns her bridesmaids wear, so even if you dislike the dress, once she makes her decision go along with it.


  • If you are not comfortable with the high-heels you are wearing because you don't know how to walk in them, learn! You don't want to fall all the big day and hurt yourself!

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