How to Enjoy Bayfest in Hawaii

If you are in Oahu for the summer, plan something different for the 4th of July. Located on the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base in Kailua and on the edge of Kaneohe Bay, Bayfest has something for all ages.


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    Relax at the Island Life Expo. When you enter the hanger, there will be a maze of products and companies that demonstrates products and plays games & giveaways. Some may hand you pamphlets or little "goodie" bags with product samples. You will need to follow the hanger "maze" to get to the actual Bayfest.
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    Check out the military vehicles. Once you come out of the hanger, the vehicles will usually be in the corner or by the carnival gates. Get a close-up look on the base's tanks, planes, and helicopters.
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    Play carnival games. On the right hand side of the lot, go play a variety of carnival games and get your chance to win a prize or a stuffed animal. The average amount of money spending at a game is between $1 to $2 per round or try.
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    Enter various contests. Each day, there is a different contest that the public can enter. Whether it's a body search competition or an eating contest, it's always fun and exciting to participate or watch from the sidelines.
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    Eat food. In the back of the gaming area, you'll find vendors that carry pizza, cotton candy, soda, French fries, plate lunches, and hotdogs. Just be aware that the food vendors will only take Bayfest script, not money, so you'll need to buy script ahead of time.
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    Have fun on the rides. It's not a carnival without the rides! E.K Fernandez hosts the Bayfest and the 50th State Fair carnival rides: from child rides in the front's left hand corner, to the Zipper, swings, Pirate Ship, and the famous Ferris Wheel. Ride admission is typically anywhere from 2 to 6 scripts, though booths are found throughout the lot.
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    Watch the fireworks at night. Bayfest has fireworks every night which are visible clearly around the entire Kaneohe Bay view and Aikahi side. Fireworks usually start between 9:00 pm and 9:15 pm, and last for 10 to 15 minutes.
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    Go concert crazy. Each night ends with a spectacular concert. In the past years, Bayfest goers have seen Alan Jackson, America, Go Jimmy Go, Papa Roach, Collective Soul, Liz Phair, Lynyrd Skynard, Brad Paisley, and a whole lot more. Usually a local band will be the opener or the finalist of "Battle of the Bands".
    • Band lineups will be announced to the public between May and June.


  • Bayfest is a public event, but because it is hosted on the military base, all base rules still apply to everyone. Kaneohe Marine Corps Base has a "no-cell phone" rule. This means, talking on cell phones while driving is prohibited (whether it's hands free, cell phone-to-ear, or headset). You will be pulled over and receive a citation.
  • Kaneohe Marine Corps Base is located between Kailua and Kaneohe. Any Bayfest traffic will be directed to the main gate, not the back. Please read the map directions at this link for specific details on where it is. Also, read the directions depending on how you are getting on base (by car, taxi, foot, or bus).
    • Any military personnel that wants to avoid the traffic, use the back gate on Mokapu Blvd.
  • Admission is usually $5 to $10 for Bayfest entry (children under 6 years are free), however, concert entry can go anywhere between $20 and $40. The admission and the concert fees are two separate things.
  • You may purchase tickets in advance through Ticketmaster. There are some sponsors off-base that may have Bayfest deals/packages, for example, pizza coupons, ride discounts, and a lower admission.


  • There is no re-entry for Bayfest. Once you are out of the hanger (parking lot side), you must purchase another ticket to come back in. Please be prepared as much as possible before entering.
  • It is seriously advised to avoid walking under the swings at night. The ride is known for spitters (people who like to randomly spit down while in the air).
  • Please have aloha and fun during the concert(s). Avoid getting into any drunken fights. If you drink, stay in the beer tent; don't be an idiot in the crowd and ruin other people's fun.

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