How to Enjoy an Airplane Ride

Airplane rides can be so boring. With a few tips and tricks from wikiHow, you too can finally enjoy a long airplane ride and pass some time.


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    Read! Pack a good book or an interesting magazine. It will take your mind off flying if you don't necessarily enjoy flights. Also, you might want to bring 2 or more books if you think you might finish one of them.
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    Watch! Buy a cheap portable video player and pack a few of your favorite movies. If you have an iPod Touch, iPhone, or laptop, you can also watch movies. Some airlines even have movies.
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    Draw! Improve your drawing skills. Sketch what you see out the windows, the person next to you, or create a new character.
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    LISTEN! Bring an iPod and listen to your favorite tunes. Charge it before the ride to ensure it doesn't run out of battery when you're riding.
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    Sleep! Bring a pillow and earplugs and try to sleep the ride away. Then you won't be tired when you get to your destination. Also consider bringing an eye-mask to block out the light and help you fall asleep faster.
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    Sleeping can really pass the time


  • Window seats will provide great views which provide a photo opportunity as well as something to pass the time. If taking photo's on smartphone/tablets put them on airplane mode.
  • Headphones can help you hear your iPod because they block out other sounds.
  • Don't drink and eat too much on the plane ride, otherwise you will need to go to the bathroom. Plane bathrooms can be uncomfortable and are generally an unpleasant way to spend the flight.
  • Stretch so you don't get cramps.
  • Never eat plane food if you aren't feeling good already!
  • Take a pill before the ride to prevent you from becoming sick on the plane.
  • Have fun!
  • They sell pillows at most airports.
  • Pack a backpack for hand luggage. Be sure to include a blanket, iPod/iPhone/tablet, headphones, a good book and some drawing or activity books. Have a good flight!


  • On some airlines like Cathay Pacific you are not allowed to wander outside of a travel class you are in regardless of whether the seat belt sign is on or off.
  • Don't read if you get sick easily.

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