wikiHow to Enjoy a Week off from School or Work

You've finally got a hassle free week, to spend in whichever way you like. Can't think of what to do? This is precious free time, and it would be a bad idea to waste it. If you've finally got some break time and have no idea how to spend it, then don't panic. Just read this article...


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    Sleep. Have you always wanted to sleep in, but had to get up because of work/school? Well now is your perfect chance. Turn off your alarm and sleep your way through the early hours of the morning. You can also stay up late, then sleep late.
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    Take A Trip Somewhere. It can be anywhere, Florida, a friend's house, your grandmother's farm, anywhere. Take time to kick back and see some new places, or just chill out with somebody you know. Get a change of scenery and forget your troubles.
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    Learn Something New. There's a ton of knowledge just floating around out there, waiting to be gained. Try learning a new skill, like knitting or a fresh sport. Or pick up National Geographic, turn on the TV and have a look at something educational and interesting! Research up on your favourite topics and take some time to study.
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    Read. Catch up on your reading. Head out to the local library or book shop and pick up some new novels. Find a genre that suits you and take time to see what authors you like best, or get more knowledgeable about some. Reading can be educational or just fun, and there's something out there for everybody.
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    Shop. Plenty of stores have sales when there are breaks from work or school. Have a look around at your favourite shops, and see what you can get. This may be the perfect time to treat yourself, or get a present for a friend or family person. Take a friend with you and enjoy a long, hardcore shopping spree.
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    Call up a friend. Catch up with one of your friends. This is a great time to brush up on a friendship. Plan an outing with a bunch of friends or just that special close buddy, and have fun together. You could even go shopping or take your trip with them!
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    Practice a skill. If you've been trying to improve on something or been lazy, use this spare time to brush up on it. Practise singing, an instrument, sports, whatever you've been doing. Use this time to perfect another skill.
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    Have a girl's/guy's day out. If you're a mother, take your daughter out. If you're a father, spend some "bonding" time with your son. Call a bunch of your girlfriends over a for a fun night in, or catch up with the guys for some sport or partying. Have fun with some same sex mates.
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    Spend time with your child/children. Spend some quality time with the kids. Go out and do something that you all enjoy, whether it be a movie, sport, or a cosy night at home watching movies. Get to know your children even more and have some fun.
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    Cook. Cooking is a fun and useful skill that anybody can learn. Pick up a cookbook or somebody skilled and get cooking! Be creative and think up your own recipes, or dream up something imaginative for dinner. Remember, the more skills you have, the less bored you'll be.


  • Think outside the box. Don't sit around and twiddle your thumbs. Try something new and step outside your comfort zone.
  • Remember to relax. A break is for that: a break. Take some time to kick back and put your feet up. Don't tire yourself out.
  • Try this with a friend or family member. Fun can be multiplied if you've got someone to share it with.

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