How to Enjoy a Wedding When You're Single

Enjoying a wedding can sometimes be difficult even if you're in a couple, but it's even harder when you're single, especially if you've recently had a bad break-up. Still, it's possible to enjoy a wedding when you're single. Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to Party town, population: you.


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    Rustle up a date. Most invitations will be addressed in such a way that you will know whether or not you are allowed to bring a date. If you are lucky enough to have been invited with a plus one, use it as an excuse to ask out that guy or girl who has recently caught your eye.
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    Take one of your best friends. Maybe you don't have any romantic interest lined up for a date, but don't worry! Take your BFF and not only will you have someone to talk to all night, but you already know the two of you get along and will have a great time together.
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    Go stag with confidence. There is a chance that you won't be invited to bring a date, and that's OK. There is nothing wrong with going to a wedding by yourself. In fact, it can be even more fun than being stuck at a wedding with a dud of a date.
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    Ask if your friends are going. Even if all of your friends have entered a blissful state of coupledom, they're still your friends and they'll be fun to hang out with at the wedding reception. Weddings are a great time to catch up with those friends you may have lost touch with after college. Make the reception a mini-reunion!
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    Meet someone new. Make a point to talk to people you're sitting with. Chances are, there is a reason the bride and groom sat you with those particular people -- they hoped that you would all have something to talk about. Hit up your tablemates for gossip about the other guests, or ask the person next to you where he or she would go on a dream vacation. Small talk doesn't have to be painful.
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    Enjoy the free meal. You can't go wrong with free dinner. You can also take advantage of the open bar, should there be one, but be careful you're not overserved. The food and drink can be the best part of a wedding, especially if you're there single.
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    Focus on others, not yourself. Don't worry about the fact that you're single at a wedding or that you may not have a date. That's not what the day is about anyway. Think about the two people you just watched get married and be happy for them.
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    Plan a way out. No matter how confident you are, there may come a point when you just have to get out of there. Think about your exit strategy beforehand, so when you're tired of watching bridesmaids fall down, you can make your escape quickly and quietly.


  • When all else fails, fake a phone call. Cell phones can be a wonderful distraction, so if you need a break from boring small talk or a grabby groomsman, escape to the bathroom for an important call.
  • If the reception has an open bar don't drink too much. ---Don't drink too much alcohol if the reception has an open bar. Intoxication disrupts your judgment which can cause you to make a fool of yourself.


  • Don't worry so much. No one else is focused on the fact that you're single, so you shouldn't focus on it either.
  • Don't drink too much, especially if you're going stag. There may not be anyone to stop you from embarrassing yourself.

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