How to Enjoy a Theme Park

Are you having trouble finding a theme park? Would you want to get steps for finding a theme park? This is one way to find them.


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    Choose a theme park you might want to go to. There are roller coasters in Six Flags if you like intensity. Another theme park is Hershey Park, which isn't that crazy. Disney world is popular; you may want to go there. Choose your parks carefully. You may want to see if it has restaurants, the rides that suit you, souvenir stands, etc. You don't want to be bored at an amusement park, because usually if you're happy at a theme park then you will have the best time ever. You may want to ask your friends' opinion and facts about the park. Tell them to list the pros and cons of the park. Be sure to write it down.
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    Print out a direction map for the theme park. If you know where it is, you might not need a map. But the benefit of getting a map is that if it shows a busy route, you can find another route to go to so you can get there earlier. Some sites that can help are Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, and
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    You can plan ahead, bring coolers packed with frozen water to keep your food cold and you can have a cold drink too! Eat a good breakfast but not heavy as you want to be light on your feet. This way you will spend less time in lines in the park. Other things to bring are cameras, sunglasses, and extra towels. (Most corporate parks, such as Six Flags, Cedar Fair, and Disney, do not allow outside food and drink, unless it's water. Always check signs outside the park, or the park's website before you go.) However, those with diabetes are allowed to bring juice in case their blood sugar gets low.
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    Get things to make you comfortable. Pack up stuff you might need on your trip like money to spend on food. Also you might want suntan lotion if it gets too sunny. If the kids want to go to a little kids ride you don't like, you can read a book while they are riding. Make sure you have shoes that are comfortable. Theme parks are usually spread out all over the place, and they are huge.
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    Drive all the way to the theme park. Use the map. If the park is far away then you should bring things to keep you and your kids and friends satisfied if you have them.
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    Find a parking space. It is best to get to the theme park early. If you do, you can find a nice parking space before everyone else takes up all the other spaces. If you're late, parking spaces are usually hard to find so you may have to wait around 40 minutes during busy times. Make sure you have something that won't make you bored while waiting.
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    Stand in line and wait to get your tickets. OR buy tickets in advance, you can save up to 25% off ticket prices if you buy ahead of time and you do not have to wait in line.
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    Decide on the rides you might want to go on. Pick rides that you think are reliable. You may want to get a map of the park ahead of time so you can know your way around the park and avoid getting lost.
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    Enjoy the rides. Have fun. Make sure you stop and eat for a while, sit down if you are tired etc. Make sure you take bathroom breaks when you are around a bathroom. You need to stay happy in the park, not just enjoy the rides.


  • If you get frightened, just think about this- You are probably only coming here once or twice, so make the most of it! Also, you probably want to tell people about the trip so make sure you have something cool to say like, "I went on an intense ride!" and not, "No I was too scared...". Force yourself to get on the ride and if you want, talk to someone next to you about your fear. After the ride, you'll be so proud of yourself and you'll realise that it wasn't so bad! Just have a go! Bear in mind, know your limits and if you really are uncomfortable, just know in the end it really is up to you.
  • Use a monorail/train if available to get around in the park. These are only found in very large parks. These are great for hot days.
  • For the car, lines, and pausing for kids rides, use a book, cell phone, iPod, CD Walkman, magazines etc.
  • The theme parks you might want to choose from are any of the Six Flags parks, Cedar Fair Parks (Such as Cedar Point, Carwinds, and all the ex-Paramount parks), Bush Gardens Parks, and Hershey park. These are just a few of the hundreds of parks nation wide. Local, non chain parks are a great idea also. The internet is a great resource for finding parks. The best time to go to a park varies with the park.
  • Some merry go rounds have benches so you can go in the merry go round, watch your kids and enjoy the ride. Observation towers, trains, and monorails are the same.
  • Some of you may want to bring a bag to a theme park to carry things like wallets, cell phones, souvenirs, or even sunglasses. If so, bring a bag that is both large and durable, and has something to seal it, such as a snap or zipper.Always keep track of it, and when you go on rides, always put it in a safe, secure place. (most rides have either cubbies at boarding platform or compartments under the seats to put items such as bags in during the ride).
  • For the car, some entertainment is some music for the radio player, portable TVs for cars, laptop computers, cards, and other people to talk to. Also, books and cell phones are other choices.
  • Close your eyes before a plunge if it gets too scary to enjoy. Yell Ah! during a forward plunge and Woo! during a backward plunge to release pressure and relieve tension. Try to focus on things further away while riding spinning rides to reduce motion sickness.
  • If you are scared of loud noises on the rides, bring earplugs.
  • Whenever you are feeling scared on a ride always use your imagination up to your advantage. Imagine you are riding a bike or playing some video game.


  • Make sure you follow all of the directions at the theme park. And if you’re a kid make sure you’re with your parents at all the time. Make sure you don’t eat too much or else you would vomit. Also bring plenty of water if the weather is hot and sunny.
  • It is extremely rare, but some people get heart attacks on rides. If you have medical problems like heart disease or have had a recent surgery, reconsider riding.
  • Don't try to videotape "POV" videos of rides. You will most likely get kicked out if it appears the video taping is done in an unsafe manner. However wearable cameras such as the GoPro should be fine.
  • Don't go on rides you think you'll get sick on!

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