How to Enjoy a Sunrise

Sometimes you just want to sit and watch the sunrise. It's beautiful and easy to catch. Although very enjoyable, how do you watch it, and enjoy it? Read on...


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    Wake up early enough. It may be easier to do this during the fall or winter when the sunrises later in the day.
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    Get dressed and sit where you can enjoy the view. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west; try to find the part of your home with a clear sight of the sun rising.
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    Relax. Don't think about stresses and jobs you have to do during the day. Instead, try to let all that sink away from your mind. If you practice yoga or meditation, this is a good time to do a little of that.
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    Have a light breakfast! Drink some hot chocolate or eat an apple. Savor it's taste. This will help you to slow down and enjoy the show.
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    Watch as the sun slowly peeks out over the horizon. Find the edge and see the sky change from blood-red to orange to pink and purple and blue as the sun goes up. Pay attention to the rays breaking through the clouds.
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    Listen to the sounds around you. If you are near water, you can hear the fish beginning to wake up and the splashes of the water. Crickets and birds make nice sounds too.
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    Feel the air beginning to warm around you and enjoy the experience.


  • Do this with your significant other; it is very romantic.
  • Close your eyes and let the wind blow on your face if you are outside, or just open a window.
  • Springtime is wonderful--if you don't have allergies. If you do, make sure you take an allergy medicine before going outside.
  • Practice waking up early if it is difficult for you.


  • Do not drink caffeine; it will make you impatient and you won't enjoy the sunrise as much.
  • Do not stare or squint at the Sun! It is still the Sun and is very bright!

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