How to Enjoy a Hayride

Going for a hayride is a wonderful harvest-time, fall season tradition that kids and adults alike can really enjoy. This is especially enjoyable for kids who live in urban environments, allowing them to get a fun taste of life on the farm.


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    Find a hayride near you. Many farms offer hayride experiences near to towns and cities. Look in notices in the paper, online, or ask around for recommendations by word-of-mouth. An online search should return many hayride options accompanied by your locale.
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    Choose the type of hayride that you prefer. A hayride can be traditional or modern. The traditional version will use a horse and cart filled with hay. The modern version might use a tractor pulling along a cart, although you might find some farms use vintage tractors to enhance the fun. Alternately, it might use a vintage truck filled at the back with hay.
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    Check for allergies. Not everyone has fun around hay; for those with allergies to dried plant material, this could set in train respiratory, nasal, and eye reactions that mar the experience. If you know this is the case, children or adults who might be affected are probably best to while away the time on a different activity. Alternately, seek advice from a health professional about anti-allergy medications.
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    Wear the appropriate clothing. Hay is fun but messy. Wear old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and filled with burrs, sticks, etc.
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    Reassure anxious urban folk. If your kids or fellow adults are a bit concerned about mussing about in the hay, tell them it's fine. Let the kids roll in it, jump on it before the vehicle starts moving, so that they can familiarize themselves with it.
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    Expect good old-fashioned jokes or storytelling. Hayrides hearken back to times when the harvest was a whole-of-family or even community affair and it was a good occasion to bolster the spirits of the hard-workers collecting the hay for storage by cracking jokes or telling stories. A good hayride will encourage this tradition still.


  • Wikipedia states that hayrides held during Halloween are often known as "haunted hayrides". Be sure to have a costume able to cope with the scratchiness of the hay if this is your choice of hayride!


  • Ask children to remain seated when the buggy/truck/cart is in operation. They can easily fall off and injure themselves if the vehicle jolts.

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