How to Enjoy a Comedy Club

If you're unsure how to enjoy yourself when visiting a comedy club, this article will provide a series of suggestions to make sure that you do. These suggestions will enhance your comedy club experience.


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    Do a little research on the comedians you will see. Every comedian has an off night but more often than not dislike of a comedian has to do with content. Most headlining comedians have a wide audience appeal but if you are sensitive to foul language or sexual content, then do a quick YouTube search to help you avoid any edgy comic you would be offended by.
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    When you purchase the tickets check, see if there is a two-item minimum. A common complaint at a comedy clubs is the "two item minimum". Most clubs sell snack foods, drinks and desserts. Check the menu online or call the club. Before you invite a friend make sure they are aware of the rule and are on board with the menu.
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    Be early. Comedy clubs often do not allow you to choose your seats. If you like to sit in the front row get there early. If you prefer to not sit in the front row, hang back and let at least a few groups go in first. Comedy is better when people are sitting close together, so when the show is not sold out the club will sit you together close to the front. If this happens, don't panic. Comedians never destroy audience members unless the audience member gets out of hand or rude.
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    Be prepared to interact. When the comedian talks to you, talk back. Live comedy is so much fun because anything can happen. Nine times out of 10 when a comedian talks to you, it is just for fun. They are not looking to embarrass you, just bring you into the banter. The more feedback you give them, usually the less time they spend with you. And keep in mind––it's all just an act.
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    During the show, don't yell at the comedian. People do not enjoy you yelling out comments. People have paid good money to hear a comedian and if you start yelling out drunk comments, you will most likely be removed from the club. If the comedian talks to you, talk back and have fun but if not enjoy the show quietly for the sake of those around you.
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    Meet the comedians. After the show, stick around to meet the comedians. Comedians love performing and after the show, most comedians want to meet you. They enjoy talking after the show.
    • Taking a picture with the comedian is not stupid. When you post it on your Facebook wall, Twitter account or whatever social media, it helps the comedian to build their fan base. So get a selfie and tag the comedian.
    • Don't ask if they know other comedians you know.
    • Another way to get a comedian to move on from the conversation is tell them a joke you feel like they can add to their act. Chances are the comedian has heard the joke about two people before you. Better to just keep the conversation the same as a normal conversation you have with everyone else.


  • Arrive to the show on time.
  • Know the comedy club's rules.
  • If you are sitting next to someone you are uncomfortable with, ask to move. You have paid to much to be bothered by a drunk or rude audience member
  • Bring cash and buy something from the comedian. Help support their art and walk away with a memory of the night.


  • Anything can happen at a live comedy show. Their is nothing more fun than live comedy. Mistakes, equipment problems, weird audience members all add to the fun. But if you are not flexible and willing to roll with what is happening, you will probably be miserable.

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