How to Enjoy a Carnival Ride

Carnival rides, even The Tea Cups, aren't everyone's cup of tea! If you go to a carnival, you might intend to avoid the most frightening rides and stick to the merry-go-round and buying yourself some candy floss / cotton candy. Once you are there though, you get caught up in the moment, you say you want to ride the scariest ride, or a ride that's intimidating to you, after all, or your friends persuade you that you do! There are some things you can do to cope with riding, and actually enjoying it. Read on from step one below to find out how to enjoy a carnival ride.


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    Have a good look at the ride before you get on. Make sure it looks safe - no rust, enough staff, safety rails are in place etc. Being a little scared is a thrill, being at risk of injury due to an unlicensed ride operator not obeying local safety guideline is not fun. You can relax if it all looks safe and not worry about being hurt, even though you may still be scared of how the ride will make you feel.
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    Watch the riders getting off. 're they younger than you and handling it? Are they older than you and handling it? Are they laughing and looking like they had a good time? Not everyone will enjoy every every carnival ride obviously but if most of the people getting off before you get on seem happy, there's every chance you will be too.
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    Think of non-scary thoughts. Try thinking positive thoughts; for example, try to enjoy the ride by thinking about the view outside of it, or think about a happy memory you have had. Don't focus on what might be dangerous about it. Enjoy the novel sensation of spinning, or falling or speeding or whatever the ride involves rather than fretting about what would happen if it broke down.
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    Pull your harness or lap bar to you as snug as you want (not too tight). A lot of Stacy rails aren't even really required but should be in place just in case. Whether you really think you need it or not, put it on! It will comfort you and give you st to hang on to.
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    As the ride starts off, think of happy thoughts or close your eyes.
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    If it makes you more comfy to SCREAM.


  • Do not try to wiggle out of your harness or lap bar.

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