How to Enhance Your Home's Interior

Enhancing your home's interior involves using items of particular interest to the home's owner(s) to showcase the owner's personality. By surrounding one's self with these "Items of interest," one showcases to visitors a home that is both unique and interesting. Visitors will be both "Drawn in" and captivated by the "Personal feeling" the home exhibits.


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    Find a style. The first step toward enhancing your home should be to determine the style that most reflects your personality (Ex. Outdoorsy, Classic, Modern, etc.)
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    Collect items. Once this style is determined, begin to collect art, knick knacks, fabrics, and textures that display your interests.
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    Experiment with various placements of these objects to see what appeals to you the most and what will "Draw in" your visitors (Ex. Try moving lamps to different locations to showcase various lighting, or place throws on various pieces of furniture to add warmth and texture to your room.)


  • Another good tip is to choose objects that mean something to you personally; such as framed photos or souvenirs from special trips. These items tell something about your life and will be more more interesting to your guests than random objects that have been purchased but have no special meaning to the home's owner(s).
  • Make sure that your room is decorated neatly and does not appear to be overly "Cluttered." Too much "Stuff" can seem overwhelming and the room is no longer a relaxing and pleasant environment. Furthermore, the special objects you have chosen in your decorating will get "Lost" if there are too many things on which to focus one's attention.
  • Keep your color schemes and styles similar. Don't mix too many bold colors and/or large objects in the same room. Doing this might make the room appear too "Busy" and "Overwhelming."

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