How to Enhance a Networking Event With Audiovisuals

Networking events allow people to meet others in their field, make new contacts and potentially land a job. These events usually involve a talk of some sort by an industry professional. This speaker will give a short talk while the audience is sitting down, chatting or eating. A rental projector keeps the speaker from being lost in the din of noise and keeps the audience’s interest. It also helps you add a bit of fun to a potentially humdrum event.


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    Create a plan. If you are hosting or speaking at a networking event, always start off with a plan of action.
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    Choose the right spot for the projector.
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    Keep the material relevant to your event and your audience.
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    Allow plenty of time to network.
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    When the presentation is not in progress, use your projector to display related images, or use humor (clean!) to create ice-breaking conversation starters.


  • If you are the host, then have everything in place before the event starts.
  • Arrive at least one hour early to verify that the room is set up properly, you have enough places for the attendees to sit, and (if applicable) verify that food or catering has arrived.
  • Speakers and/or host should also find a spot where they can set up both the screen and the rental projector.
  • The projector should be back far enough that the reflected image is large, and it should be positioned in a place where projector is not blocking anyone’s view.
  • Position the chairs so that everyone can comfortably see the screen and not hinder another's view.
  • For a presenter, there’s no better way to engage your audience than with visuals. Studies have proven over and over again that people learn and absorb more information best when they are shown this information visually. Plus, when you are competing with other distractions, images can help keep your audience fixated on you.
  • Visual aids are also not only for the audience. Every public speaker has sometimes forgotten where they are in speech or what comes next. You may be doing the speech without any notes, or your cue cards may have gotten mixed up. A PowerPoint presentation projected right behind you will remind you where you are and will keep you from enduring any long, embarrassing pauses.
  • Many events don’t have a speaker and are merely meet and greets types of networking events. In that case, you can use a rental projector to display photographs from past events, which are always a crowd-pleaser, or display the dates and times of upcoming activities.
  • If your networking event has a theme, you can run related film clips or similar snippets on the screen throughout the night. Whatever the theme of your networking event, a projector will add both quality and perhaps a sense of fun to the night’s activities.
  • Rental projectors are very inexpensive ways to spice up your networking event. Speakers will love the extra attention focused on them, and attendees will enjoy the variety of images on the screen.

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