How to End a Religious Flame War on an Online Website

You are searching the message forums, and you decide to check out the 'Religion and Spirituality' boards. On one of these sites, there is a really huge argument about which religion is right. There is a lot of anger on both sides, and you would like to restore the peace.


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    Know what the fight is all about. Read through prior forum posts to get the gist of what is going on. It's important to not get too deeply involved, just seek to understand what might have sparked this and how to bring everyone back to behaving civilly again.
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    Find out who started the fight. There is usually a ringleader and someone aiming to keep up with that person. These persons are likely the ones who need to be persuaded to chill out the most.
    • Find out if the person who began this fight belongs to the religion which has the most forums. This can help if you need to understand the background and what might be motivating this person's actions.
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    Keep your own cool. Even though everyone else is clearly ticked off, someone has to keep a level head and be cool about the situation.
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    Try to get the parties to agree to disagree while being civil and thoughtful about sharing ideas and thoughts. Ask the participants on the site to be fair, honest and to seek to understand the core values involved between the different religions. By respecting each other's spirituality and religion, the participants can adopt a loving and caring approach that is considerate of all humans.
    • If you are of the same faith as the person who started all this mess, you might consider talking to him or her, as a brother/sister in faith. Ask the person to allow the others to have their own space and to respect the differences.
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    Call in the moderator(s). If the perpetrator persists, you should report the behavior and show examples of the language being used. Often this will be a breach of the site's policies in relation to respecting each other and using civil interactions.


  • Learn about how many religions are catered to, on a particular site, and if they are equally catered to, or whether one has more forums than the other. This might be something to suggest is in need of remedying, for the sake of balance.


  • Flame wars can be very difficult to resolve without feeding the problem. Be very careful in how you approach the situation and what things you say on the forum. Consider the wording very carefully before publishing it.

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