How to End a Celebrity Gossip Addiction

Do you love to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip? While spending time reading endless celebrity magazines and gossip websites, celebrity gossip is just useless knowledge. If you want to end your addiction and catch up on event happening outside of Hollywood keep reading.


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    Start it slow, rather than quitting cold turkey. You can still read about celebrity gossip, but begin doing other things with that time. Instead of spending countless hours surfing the web about celebrity gossip read an article on current events or catch up with old friends on social networking sites for a part of the time you would spend obsessing over gossip.
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    Find other topics that interest you. Maybe it would be news about events happening in the real world or simply reading fashion magazines rather than celebrity gossip ones.
    • If you read blogs on the web about celebrity gossip, consider taking that time to read or do other things on the internet, such as editing wikiHow or reading articles on other topics.
    • If you buy magazines on celebrity gossip, consider buying magazines on other topics that interest you, whether it be beauty or technology magazines.
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    Think of all the benefits you will gain from stopping your celebrity gossip addiction. You'll save money from stopping those magazine subscriptions. You'll gain time to be more productive or maybe even pick up a new hobby you enjoy equally as much.
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    Cancel magazine subscriptions and stop getting updates from celebrity gossip blogs. Cancelling these services will make it much easier to stop your addiction. Take it a step further by blocking those websites and avoiding the magazine racks in stores.
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    Open your horizons. Give new topics a chance to gain your interest. Maybe you think politics is a boring topic? Spend some time learning about that topic and maybe it will interest you.
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    Start a new hobby. You don't have to find other topics to obsess over, instead you can begin a hobby you may enjoy, such as cooking, sewing, or beginning a new collection.


  • Stop procrastinating and get productive. Find ways of getting productive instead of using celebrity gossip as a way to fill your time and keep you from doing the things you need to do.
  • Find new role models. Instead of looking up to that celebrity that is getting in new kinds of trouble every week, look up to someone who is more responsible and isn't constantly in the news for the crazy things s/he did that week.


  • Don't try to change for someone else. If you truly enjoy reading celebrity gossip, you don't have to stop just because someone else wants you to.

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