How to Encrypt Your Journal or Diary

Two Parts:Creating Your EncryptionUsing Your Encryption

Want to keep the contents of your diary or journal private from prying eyes? Well, now you can. You may think your diary or journal is safe because it has a lock, but this is not necessarily the case. Even if you can lock it, that does not mean a nosy person can't smash it and read all your secrets. This article explains how to write in code so only you know what you've written.

Part 1
Creating Your Encryption

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    Create cryptic letters and numbers. Correspond them to the 26 letters of the English alphabet (a-z) and the 10 numbers(0-9). Remember you are the only one who is supposed to know this writing so keep the cypher you've created secret.
    • You can represent the English alphabet and numbers with symbols of your own creation.
    • No need for the uppercase or lowercase encryption letters, a single encrypted letter can be for both.
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    Memorize your alphabet and numbers. This may come in handy, if you have to record something in a public place. If you feel confident enough to not forget it, destroy the cypher.
    • Practice, practice and practice using your encryption in your spare time, to memorize it more faster.
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    Get creative with your writing style. Since it's your own personal writing you can choose anyway of the writing format. You can abandon the profane method of writing from left to right and write your message backwards if you please.
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    Give your encryption a name. What's the point of this? A person sees you jotting down weird figures and asks "What language is that?", what do you say? So come up with a catchy name.
    • Creating a name should come from what you see when you look at your encryption. The name you come up with might sound weird, don't worry about it. It's your own creation after all.
    • A trick to naming is to add suffix such as -ion at the end of the word you come up with.

Part 2
Using Your Encryption

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    Read your encryption. In order to translate easily between the English vocabulary and the symbols, you can put a dash or hyphen between a single word and the following word in the encryption.
    • For example, "§Π¶" - "∆√€|" could translate to "She said".
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    Use ordinary punctuation marks. Punctuation marks are still necessary to be able to read your alien writing. Punctuation marks are not the content of your message so they won't reveal anything secret.
    • Even ordinary typography is still acceptable.


  • Don't teach anyone this encryption, unless if you share your Facebook password with the person.
  • If you've memorized the whole encrypted alphabet, but not certain if you can easily recall all the letters; write them down (only the encrypted letters) in their order anywhere that you can access anytime. This also works with the numbers.

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