How to Encourage Thinking by Drawing

If you have been ordered or required to create a suggestion, research, or an idea about something, you need to think. But the question is, how to think? You can use many ways to think, but one way is to draw until ideas come forth. The drawing keeps your mind focus and occupied and ripe for ideas to arise.


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    Start with a lined sheet of paper. You will use the lines as starting points of your drawing. The lines will help you.
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    Choose one of the existing lines in the paper and start drawing. Do not draw a straight line. From the same starting point draw the second and third lines.
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    Start making the line good and beautiful as much as you can. Give it 2-4% of your concentration, but the rest must be directed into your topic.
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    Write any complete idea immediately when you got it, otherwise the subsequent ideas will take its place in your memory. Then go back to drawing.
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    Continue drawing and writing because this technique has no limited ideas. It helps creating new ideas; or extracting an existing idea.


  • You need to draw all the time to practice and to be spontaneous drawing. That will make you feel good, open your mind, and relax it.
  • Many people are drawing while they are talking on the phone. They can talk easily and think what they are going to say. This habit supports this point. And always remember that the mind and the hand can help the leader of the army to make the victory if he used them right. Drawing helps to relax, focus, think, create new ideas and extract an existing idea.
  • Even if you are a student you can use this technique to focus with your teacher as he is talking. Your mind will be a hundred percent attentive about what he is talking about. At the moment he starts to sketch on the board give him your intention while you’re looking at him.


  • Before you start using this technique, you need to know that after a period of your practicing, your hand will be spontaneous drawing. This will help you think but on the other hand will take a lot of your time specially when you are a student at the exams period. Indeed, however, you can control that by two steps: first off, try to borrow the book you need to read, since you won’t write on the book and it’s not yours. Second try not to hold a pen while you are reading.
  • Make sure that you are drawing something doesn’t have any meaning.
  • Don’t close your eyes while you are drawing, because it’s not going to help you think.
  • You may sometimes be daydreaming for a few minutes, that will help you relax at the same time think widely while you’re drawing.

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