How to Encourage Recycling at Work

Three Methods:EducateProvide incentiveKeep it simple

Recycling has become a necessity to keep our world ticking. Learning how to encourage recycling at work can introduce recycling into a new facet of your life that you may not have considered before. The more people that are on board with recycling, the better our world will continue to become.

Method 1

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    Host a meeting to inform employees about the benefits of recycling.
    • The more your co-workers know about the advantages of recycling at work, the more likely they are to participate in a workplace recycling program. Informing them of the consequences of not recycling may also help to discourage them from disposing of recyclables improperly.
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    Create a permanent resource such as a bulletin board or a bookshelf in the lobby for employees to reference whenever they wish. Keep the information current and replace it every few weeks with new materials.
    • Making the information easily accessible to employees will increase the chances they will take the time to become informed. If you do the leg work, they will likely take the time to explore the resources you provide.
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    Keep track of the statistics.
    • Weigh the amount of trash you have recycled and post the number of pounds your office is recycling every week. Being able to quantify their efforts will help employees put their contributions into perspective.

Method 2
Provide incentive

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    Offer a reward to the office group that creates the least amount of trash and the most recyclables.
    • Making office recycling like a game, at least to begin with, may get those who might not have otherwise been interested involved. Everyone likes a challenge and offering an incentive just ups the ante. Gift cards, movie tickets, or even just a candy bar make great rewards. The incentive doesn't have to be outrageous in order for employees to be interested.
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    Encourage employees to begin recycling at work and at home for an even bigger reward.
    • People who already recycle at home may be at an advantage, which may push other employees even harder to get involved.

Method 3
Keep it simple

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    Make it convenient for employees to participate.
    • Make sure the recycling bins are abundant and clearly marked. Place them in several areas in the office that are logical to the types of materials you are recycling. For example, put a paper recycling bin in the mail room and an aluminum can receptacle in the cafeteria and break room.
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    Choose volunteers to keep the workplace recycling program running.
    • Let those who are truly invested help keep the program running, giving those who wish to participate an active role. The simpler it is for some, the more likely they will continue to participate.
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    Talk to the boss about enlisting other "green" efforts throughout the office that don't require much time or energy.
    • Management can easily purchase energy efficient light bulbs, low-flow toilets and recycled paper as a few examples. These small changes can also have a big impact on the company's bottom-line.

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