How to Encourage Good Behaviour in Children

Are your kids not showing you the respect that you deserve? Do you feel that your kids are being spoiled? Are the kids getting into bad behavior? With these steps your kids will know who is the boss around here!


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    Tell your kids what you are planning. If they still don't understand spankings and time-out is is still in the picture. Even if they are a little old.
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    Tell them that they need to change their behaviour. Lay down the law so when you get to the next step they know that something is going to change.
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    Rules. If they do not follow your rules. Do not allow them to go anywhere(for the older kids) or let them watch TV, no candy, no eating(for one specific thing you have to do). If they still don't spanking and time outs!
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    Still not doing what they are told? Well, the only other way is to keep them in there room. Make sure that they don't get what they want. Push them over the top and never let them anything(food is not one of the things you cant give them)!!
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    After they learn! After they learn you have to make sure that they will keep doing this. Some kids are different. One kind of kid is they learn easily and start doing what you say and then they start doing what they did before. Another type of kid is they take a long time to learn and in a week or so they do what they were doing before. If you have a kid that comes home with good grades they might just keep with what you say!


  • Fighting is huge no! If you child is starting top put a fight up. Stop what you are doing and fix it. Let them know that fighting will not solve things!
  • If another comes in your house daily then let them know what your plans are on, a new person will never know with out you.
  • Tell good stories to children to change their naughty behaviour
  • Tell both parents if you are divorced or someone if out of the house for most of the day and stays on most of the days.
  • When doing this don't just spank them and say do as I say! You have to slowly make things happen. Your child(ren) might become very angry with you!


  • If you get very emotional then try to get a grip you start going further under her/he level. She/he will think that you will tremble if they put a fight. PUT A FIGHT BACK!
  • Don't start asking 20 questions about how she feels and if your a good mom/father and all.
  • Make sure that your kids really understand the moral of the point.
  • Know that doing this will take lots of work and will require some real thinking.
  • Don't just get all strict first see if they are willing to follow all of your rules.

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