How to Encourage Better Toilet Aim

Three Methods:Target StickerWall SignBobbing Cork or Ping-Pong Ball

Have children or lazy adults who just aren't aiming in the toilet but rather manage to spray all around it? For the person subjected to cleaning up the splatter of urine, it's hardly enjoyable. What better way than to turn this into an exercise in positive reinforcement? Here are some great ways to improve toilet aim (by making it fun).

Method 1
Target Sticker

  1. 1
    Make a sticker that acts as target for the person urinating into the toilet. You can use the article How to Make Your Own "Put Toilet Seat Down" Sticker for the mechanics of making such a sticker. Suggestions for the wording include: "Aim Here"; "Strike This"; or "Hit This Target". Or, just put an actual bullseye target circle on the sticker. The incentive to hit the sticker will make the correct aim a whole lot of fun.
    • These target stickers can also be purchased from online stores, such as auction/trading sites or specialty stores.

Method 2
Wall Sign

  1. 1
    Make a cute wall sign that asks all toilet users to keep their aim straight. The sign can be made from any materials you have to hand and that you enjoy working with.
  2. 2
    Add encouraging and humorous phrases. For example:
    • We aim to keep this bathroom clean, so keep your aim straight.
    • Keep your aim straight and narrow, just like a cleanly shot arrow.
    • To borrow from a commercial line: "Aim Like a Jedi, Not a Stormtrooper".
    • More fun and silly suggestions can be found by doing an online search.
  3. 3
    Hang above the toilet as a reminder for all. You may like to mix up the sign and colors used every few weeks, to avoid reader fatigue and lapsing into old bad habits.

Method 3
Bobbing Cork or Ping-Pong Ball

  1. 1
    Place a cork or ping-pong ball in the toilet for a toddler to aim at. This is useful as a training exercise only, as you don't want to leave this in for all and sundry to hit.
  2. 2
    Remove and wash after each peeing session. Use gloves or tongs to retrieve it and place straight into disinfectant for a good clean. You will probably grow tired of retrieving it, so this is only a short-term solution.
    • Do not leave in when the toddler is defecating. Should this happen, consider discarding the item. Handle with even greater care!


  • You can use any sticker, But a target sticker will work best.
  • You could encourage all boys and men in the household to pee sitting down when at home or visiting friends' houses, something around one third of men do.[1] There is nothing wrong with this choice.
  • Encourage all girls and women to sit and not hover over the toilet. Hovering leads to splashes over the seat that mere wiping with the toilet paper doesn't clean thoroughly.
  • Make the "splatterer" clean the toilet. That will soon change their approach.


  • Always use appropriate care when handling items that have had urine on them. Although urine is a sterile medium itself, the toilet area is germ-ridden. Good hand washing and wearing gloves are sensible precautions.

Things You'll Need

  • Sticker
  • Sign
  • Cork or ping-pong ball

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