How to Encourage a New Pet to Trust You

Everybody is excited when they get a new pet. Before you start in with your new pet, you want to gain its trust first. There is nothing like having your pet trust you and it can lead to a long, successful relationship.


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    Find a suitable space for the pet to settle in. When you get your pet home, place it in its proper cage or area and let it get used to its surroundings. For reptiles and small animals, put them in their cage and let them have some time to themselves to explore their new house. For dogs or cats, let them roam around your house and get used to the unfamiliar area (or at least a pet-proofed portion of it).
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    Allow the pet to become familiar with you. After a while, let the animal get used to your presence. Walk by cage slowly and quietly to show your reptile or small animal that you're not a threat. Spend a little time in the same room as your cat or dog.
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    Feed the animal, by hand if possible. Like they say, the best way to an animal's heart is through its stomach. Hand-feeding your reptile or small animal establishes a form of trust between you. Show your cat or dog that you are the one preparing and providing its food.
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    Pet it. Stroke your lizard's head or your small animal's body gently and slowly. This shows that you mean no harm. Pet your cat or dog's body, or any other place they like to be pet. It's not a good idea to pet a dog on the head, as this is considered a threat to them if they don't know you well and haven't learned your body language.
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    Try holding your lizard or small animal. Fully support their body and sit in a chair or anywhere comfortable. Walking around with them will mostly likely make them nervous. Let your cat relax next to you or walk your dog.
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    Play with your cat or dog, as it becomes comfortable with your presence. It will help establish a strong bond.


  • Watch your new pet and notice what it enjoys. Remember, you are learning about it, too.
  • Do not get discouraged when they get nervous or scared. You're a new and strange creature to them and it's understandable if they feel that way.
  • Read up on your new pet, preferably before you get it. This is especially important if this is your first animal of this type. Know how to make your new pet comfortable.
  • Respect their feelings. If they do not want to be held, don't force it. If they don't want to relax next to you or go for a walk, don't force it. This will cause unnecessary stress to your pet.
  • Try this during the evening, when your hamster is most likely to be awake and bond-making.
  • Have a toy or a treat for them when they do respond positively.
  • Don't reach out and pick up your new pet right away. Let it come to you. Especially if your pet is a small animal. It's quite possible that you will be perceived as a hungry predator. Imagine if you were a little creature and some giant thing came out of nowhere and whisked you away.
  • For the first few days bring toys, food, or treats every time you visit your pet. This will cause them to associate your presence with good things and make them more comfortable around you.
  • Keep the animal's living conditions clean and hygienic.


  • Don't hit your animal if things don't go your way. This is a very negative reaction and will cause your pet to be very questionable of you.
  • If your pet acts hostile to your advances, leave them alone and don't try to further your bond for a moment. The animal is mostly likely nervous or scared and it can result in harm to you and the animal.
  • Don't overdo it.If your pet wants to be left alone, leave it alone.If you keep annoying it, it might think you are a nuisance or even belligerent.

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