How to Emulate the Addams Family

Have you ever wanted to be, or thought you should have been, a member of the Addams Family? Not a specific character, but someone who could easily fit into the morbid, twisted, creepy, adorable and absolutely normal Addams clan? If you ever did, you might find this article relevant to your interest.


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    Have a sense for macabre. Mostly, this is the first thing the Addams family is associated with. Whether it takes the form of sadistic jokes and comments, a grim attitude toward nearly anything, or a simple enthusiastic view over the whole idea of death, agony and pain.
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    Have passion. The Addams, as in all, are passionate about various things. A sexual and romantic passion in your relationship, a true joy from playing with your relatives, an intellectual interest in art, literature etc., or a fascination over a very specific subject [For example- School Massacres. World War I. Aliens or Ghosts]. Find your own passions, and let them show.
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    Be loyal. The Addams, no matter how weird it may look to an outsider, are extremely loyal and care deeply about each other, and will do absolutely everything to support and defend each other.
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    Be a good family-person. The absurd thing is, despite their habit to attempt to kill each other, torture each other, and generally put each other's safety on a very frail ground, the Addams consider their behavior a normal display of affection. Of course, don't attempt to stab your sister as a display of affection. Do show some flexibility, and treat the ones you love in a way they would consider as a legitimate way of showing it.
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    Be proud. The Addams' motto is "Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc"- translated as "We Gladly Feast on Those who Would Subdue Us". An Addams would be a kind person at the core, but will not let anyone step on his/her pride, nor hurt his/her beloved ones.
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    Develop critical thinking. The Addams might seem to be twisted to the normal viewer. However, when you pay more attention, you would easily realize they are the ones making sense, while the "Normal" people fail it. At the very end, they are the ones judging people according to their personality and not their image. They are the ones treating each other with respect and love, and developing self esteem and confidence in their children. And they are also the ones to realize there's something horrible about telling little children a story including an old woman being pushed into the oven and burnt alive.
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    Have fun. The Addams, more than anything else, do their best to enjoy themselves, even under the most impossible situations. After all, even under a death threat, there's always a time to share a sweet, romantic moment. And there's always time to play with your food.
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    Care nothing about what other people think of you. The Addams have reached to the sensible conclusion, that the people around them are mostly the ones who tend to be outright insane.


  • Watch The Addams Family's series[es] and movies to get a better idea of what makes a person a potential Addams.


  • Be ready to be considered eccentric, or just a bit weird. The good thing about it is, that once you're labeled as such, you're free to do as you like under this excuse.
  • DO NOT attempt to kill your relatives, spill melted wax on people, or practice any behaviour that may cause other people a real harm. It works in the universe of The Addams Family- Not in our world.

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