How to Emulate Maddy Osborne

Maddy Osborne is a very unique character of Australia's popular soap 'Home and Away'. She is played by the beautiful Kassandra Clementi. Want to emulate her? Read on,then!


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    Get her personality. Maddy is very independent and likes to have her own space. She is a very strong and confident person and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is also however very secretive, and sometimes can be quite dishonest too.She is also persistent, and never gives up. Maddy is positive, like-minded and affectionate, and loves the boys. She is also described as "energetic,lovely, mature girl. She is also a perfectionist and someone who works hard to achieve their goals.".
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    Do your hair like her. Maddy's hair is blonde and straight. She spends a lot of time at the beach and in the sun, so her hair is naturally light. She used to have quite short hair, but has changed her style. If you don't have blonde hair like Maddy, then simply straighten it and leave it loose, or tie into a high ponytail, and give it texture with some sea-salt spray if you aren't exposed to salt water often.
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    Do the makeup right. Maddy has quite simple makeup, but she likes to wear a subtle smoky eye and a peach/coral lip. She wears light pink blush and doesn't seem to contour much. Wear some light powder, waterproof mascara and a light pink lip gloss to complete her casual look.
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    Be fashionable and stylish. Since Maddy lives in a hot environment, she always wears summery clothes. She is usually spotted in long, flow-y dresses, shorts and tank tops, and gym gear. She likes colorful dresses to wear over bikinis if she has been for a swim.
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    Be active and get some of her hobbies and passion. Maddy is sporty, and has taken up surf lifesaving training.She is a runner, and is always up for a challenge. She also really likes swimming and anything in the sun. Take up long distance running or swimming if you want the "Maddy" lifestyle
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    Have your room like hers.Her walls are painted blue and she has some antique furniture and photos. Above all, what matters the most is that your room is clean.


  • Dress casually.
  • You can make your room, a bit more, lively and girly, if you prefer.
  • Do simple makeup.


  • Maddy can be quite dishonest, don't let this get in your way.
  • Don't become too obsessed about this!

Things You'll Need

  • Sea salt spray
  • Straightener
  • Flowy dresses
  • bikinis
  • shorts and tank tops
  • gym clothes (crop tops, shorts, swimmers)
  • sunscreen
  • TV (to watch that show and learn more)

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