How to Emulate Lana Del Rey

Ever wanted to be someone as classy and beautiful as Lana Del Rey? She is a very talented singer/songwriter. Well, read this article and find out!


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    In case if you do not or not know much about her, do some research about her for a good head-start. Listen to all of her songs to know her tone and style. This includes Lizzy Grant and May Jailer music, as well as her unreleased music. Watch her music videos, homemade and professional. Look at what she wears. Read some of her interviews and go on Tumblr for inspiration.
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    Apply make up like hers. She likes to regard her self as a 'gangster Nancy Sinatra' and 'Lolita lost in the hood'.
    • Apply a light foundation. Use concealer on dark circles and imperfections. Top with a beige powder.
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    • Use a light eye shadow on your lid. Apply a dark grey to your crease and extend a little out. Use black liquid eyeliner to make a thick cat eye. Line the last third of your lower lid. You may wish to use a lighter color on your waterline. Use false lashes and tons of mascara.
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    • Contour your cheeks and nose with a darker shade of powder. Highlight your cheekbones and nose bridge. You may wish to use a very light peach blush on your cheeks.
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    • Fill in your eyebrows straight and dark.
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    • Use either a nude, pale pink, wine, or red lipstick. No gloss or shine please!
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    Lana has a vintage hipster style. Look for dresses, shorts, skirts, blouses, t shirts, crop tops, jeans, heels, sneakers, and flats inspired by 50s-80s Americana.
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    Do the hair! Her hair is different shades of brown, auburn, and black. It can be permed, in a beehive, straight and center parted or old Hollywood curls. 1940s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s are her go to eras for hair.
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    When she is talking with other people (such as interviews), she tends to laugh a lot and smile. Watch how she laughs and smiles by watching her interviews. Her smile looks very genuine and some interviewers describe her as being very charming.
    • Listen and look at her music videos. When you are singing, act solemn or sad and move your hands gently and sing smoothly. Her songs are usually deep in voice except for some exceptions
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    She has several tattoos on her body. Try tattooing your left hand with the letter 'M' and 'paradise' with a fine-tip sharpie. Then tattoo your right hand with 'trust no one'. On her right ring finger she has been known to have the phrase: 'die young' tattooed.
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    If you could, move to New York because that's where she lives and where she was born.
    • She probably likes to use words such as 'cinematically', 'melodically', 'visually', 'thematically' and 'sonically'. She also likes to use metaphors to describe her emotions and thoughts.
    • Watch her using the words in the 'Video' section (scroll down).
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    Have some inspiration from her inspirations. Lana stated that she likes every master of every genre, which means you have to grasp influences from popular singers and combine them to create new music. She loves Eminem, Frank Sinatra, Nirvana, etc.
    • She is also a supporter of the Premier League team Liverpool and Celtic so you should be going to the stadium and watching them play.
    • Lana is a Roman Catholic.
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    She loves making vintage film clips. Try joining your own videos together and place a song in there. Change the style of the video to vintage or black and white. However, make sure that these film clips are beautiful to you, because Lana often says that she just chooses film clips that she finds beautiful. Think about applying Instagram filters to your videos.


  • Watch all her music videos and interviews to know her really well.


  • Stay true to yourself, and just let Lana inspire you.
  • You're trying to emulate her, not actually be her.

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