How to Embarrass Your Parents on Halloween

There are probably about a billion ways to embarrass your parents in general and nearly as many again that can apply specifically to Halloween. You can follow each of these steps or just pick those you like the sound of and believe will most embarrass your parents. Read on from step one below.


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    Dress up as something which isn't scary or even relevant to Halloween. Such as: Santa Claus, a fairy, the Easter Bunny, etc. Halloween outfits don't have to be scary so be aware that wearing a fairy costume or dressing as Santa is more likely to humiliate you than embarrass your mother or father. If you want to use a costume to embarrass your parents, try being inappropriate. Dress up as a Nazi, wear drag, wear a F*** the Pope Tee-shirt, wear a nappy if you are 13 and don't need one, black up and be an old fashioned black and white minstrel, if you've been well brought up dress as a chav, hick, red-neck, hillbilly or any other type of person your parents disapprove of.
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    If you are a girl, dress as revealing as possible, but don't go over the top. Fishnet tights, a short skirt, low cut top, high heels and caked on makeup are all fairly likely to embarrass mum or dad. If you are a boy dress up really recklessly. Wear an inverted cross, try pants with a crotch around your knees, two or three really big, thick gold chains, or gold looking. Carry a can of spray paint to look like a tagger, find a fake gun if you are feeling very reckless or fill a few tiny plastic bags such as those that spare shirt buttons are usually in with flour and carry those.
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    Imitate your parents. It's hilarious when at the door they ask, "and what are you dressed up as?" and you're wearing an ugly mask and say " my mom/dad ". Go through your parents wardrobe and find something to wear that you think your mother or father wouldn't want your neighbourhood to know they own. Has dad got a really naff 80s suit? Does mum have a terrible seventies jump suit? Get them on and go out trick or treating! Have a dig right to the back of the closet, you may locate mum's dominatrix outfit or dad's adult baby gear. Airing those sort of outfits in public is sure to embarrass your parents.
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    Say inappropriate things for the occasion of Halloween and make completely unrelated comments. For example, instead of saying "Happy Halloween!" say "Happy Birthday!" or "Merry Christmas!" Again, this is more likely to humiliate you than embarrass your parents. Try being more subtle. Say, 'I hope this year dad doesn't find my costume such a turn-on. I'm tired', or, 'Thanks to all this candy, I'll be able to get rid of the funny taste in my mouth tonight'.
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    Dress up as a beaten child and act like your parents are mean to you. Beware not to go overboard with this, as the authorities may be alerted or your parents could get in trouble. Embarrass your parents for your own amusement by all means, apparently, but you'll be embarrassed too if you end up in the local papers in some sort, 'feral kids in neglect scandal' exposé.
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    When trick-and-treaters come to your door, say "Happy Halloween!" and close it without giving them candy, or give them fruit. Give out really cheap, tacky candy. Give out candy that is passed its best before date. Look for 'adult' confectionery online and hand out chocolate nipples or willies. Your parents will certainly find this embarrassing.
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    Act all lovey-dovey around them like hugging them and kissing them when lots of people are around. If you are usually not affectionate, ramp up the public displays of affection to embarrass your mother and father on Halloween. Call your father Daddy if you are 13 or over and don't usually. Use Mommy for your mother, or Mater. Flinch when your parents look at you as if you are afraid of being hit. Ask for permission to do everything as if you aren't usually allowed to eat, go to the toilet or sit on the sofa.


  • Don't make your parents so mad that you'll get grounded.
  • Wear masks (only) if they have breathing and seeing holes. Make sure you can see everywhere around you.

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