How to Eliminate a Wet Toilet Seat in the Ladies' Bathroom

Prevention is key! Unfortunately not everyone knows this or cares. The ones who are super cautious are usually the ones who make the messes and then don't clean up when they are done. Remember: Public washroom + other people = being considerate.

A wet seat is caused in three ways: a toilet with a forceful flush has caused some water to splash onto the seat, or someone has not positioned themselves properly above (squatted) and urinated on the seat. Furthermore, some leftover urine may drop from somebody's genitals while standing up again.


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    Always look and wipe the seat before you sit. Avoid squatting above the toilet unless there is no paper, no liner, it is excessively filthy or you have to go very bad.
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    Use a toilet liner if available, or bring your own personal travel size found in most drugstores. You can also use a strip or two of toilet paper placed on the seat for your comfort. Clean up and look for droplets from standing up. Push the liner into the bowl after rising.
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    If you squat above the toilet, do so with all intent of leaving a dry seat for the next person. Use toilet paper to lift the seat before squatting and replace it after. If you are in a hurry or don't have toilet paper to lift the seat or if you prefer to squat with the seat down: do so but look for any sprinkles afterwards and wipe them off if you should have missed.
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    Flush when you are done.
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    Wash your hands.


  • If you carry anti-bacterial hand gel, apply some to tissue and wipe the toilet seat. Allow it to air dry a few moments for comfort and to kill germs.
  • If you are not already, become adamant about washing your hands when you are done. After using public facilities, our hands are covered with the bacteria from hundreds of other previous occupants - just from touching the door to the stall.
  • Carry portable toilet seat liners that are made for travel and fit discreetly in your purse. If you have a small purse, carry only one folded up to fit in a small pocket or yes, in a small day planner.
  • If you see someone entering a stall without TP warn them.
  • Do not hold children (girls) above the toilet. Use or make a liner for them and teach them proper public washroom etiquette.
  • Washing your hands should be a given when you are done especially if you had to clean up after someone before you.
  • You also have the option of going to another toilet if the bathroom has individual stalls.
  • If you have to make your own, don't use too much TP, the toilet can overflow.
  • If you find the toilet paper has run out, inform the management immediately so that the next person is not caught short.
  • If the stall is a complete mess, inform the management and at least warn someone if you see them going into the stall.
  • Get in the habit of reaching for or making your own liner first before you use the toilet.
  • If you help your child and they make a mess always clean up afterwards.
  • If there is no TP and you also have no wipes, ask others for tissues and resort to step 3.
  • Carry travel tissues or toilet paper.
  • Always use a seat cover. If there is no TP or liners get one from another stall or resort to step 3.
  • If you have to go squatting over the toilet seat and no wipes, don't check for sprinkles and 'mistakes' afterwards. You have no option to wipe them off but knowing to leave a peed seat may make you feel uncomfortable and guilty.


  • Always look before you sit.
  • If you use the foot method to push in the TP after cleaning up after others make sure there is no trailing streamer stuck on your shoe.
  • Squatting over the seat is highly risky for leaving it pee-sprinkled. Only do so, if you have to go very bad or if there is no other option.
  • Check yourself before you exit the restroom to make sure you don't have toilet paper on the top of your pants or shirt.
  • Never shout 'Ew.. there's pee on the seat!' It may embarrass the person that just went in that stall if they are still washing their hands.

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