How to Edit wikiHow with Pets Around

Two Parts:Preparing Your AreaTraining Your Pets

Studies have shown that having a dog or feline companion decreases stress, increases happiness, and helps relieve depression in people[1]. When patrolling or boosting articles on wikiHow, the worst thing that can happen is having your pets between you and the computer or tablet and making an unintentional edit.

Part 1
Preparing Your Area

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    Ensure that wires are covered or secured. To some cats, computer wires, headphone wires, and USB cords resembles yarn string.
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    Keep your desk organized. Editing wikiHow should be fun and relaxing, so declutter the area to create a simple and clean place. This also removes any distractions your pets may want to sniff or get into it.
    • If your cat is an admirer of playing with pens and other writing implements, keep them in a drawer or somewhere out of their sight. Knocking your mouse around because of their playfulness may result in an accidental patrol that you meant to rollback.
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    Lock your tablet or keyboard. Even when you are away from your keyboard or tablet, modifications can still happen. Try to exit wikiHow or log out of your wikiHow account before leaving to avoid any landings or paw "typing" that would change something.

Part 2
Training Your Pets

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    Establish a setting in your house. If you enjoy having the laptop or tablet in your lap on the couch or using the family's computer on a desk, the training should happen at one place.
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    Use common and specific commands while you are online. Whether it's "stay", telling them "no", or repetitive gestures, try to wean and block them from doing something you don't want them to do. Give them treats or positive responses when they are obedient.
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    Block your keyboard. If the cat decides to jump on the table or right next to you, use your hand between its head and the keyboard. Over time, this will train them not to step on it, and won't modify your work while editing.
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    Change the active page by opening a new tab or window. Because there is nothing to "destroy", take a break and play with them. Come back to the computer and continue editing! Many desktops and laptops have a "Show Desktop" option on the taskbar. Use it to your advantage at the last minute and click it again to revive your open programs and windows on your screen.
    • Whether it's deleting your newly typed article steps in an editing screen or closing your internet window, all it takes is a few strokes to make it happen.
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    Have your dog around you in a comfortable arrangement. Many small dogs, such as dachshunds, love to relax and sleep in their owner's laps. Allow them to relax on the couch on your side, lap, or nested against your arm while you edit, but not in a way that they will interfere with patrol, NFD Guardian or even NAB decision making.
    • Obedient dogs may even allow you to use your wireless mouse on their backs while they lay down. Just become very aware when they make sudden movements.

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