How to Edit the wikiHow Site Notice

The wikiHow site notice is a message that displays at the very top of every page on wikiHow. It can be very useful as a "call to arms" or to announce something new, such as the release of an app. Admins can edit the site notice but should do so sparingly.


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    Become a wikiHow Admin if you aren't one already. Only admins can edit the site notice.
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    Think about what you want to change the site notice to.

    • If the number of un-patrolled edits has been over 500 for a few days, a request for help with RC patrolling can help.
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    • Consider whether you want the site notice in mind to be shown to logged in visitors, logged out visitors, or both. There are some calls to action we might want to try on logged out users that might not be interesting to logged in users. Having separate site notices enables us to be able to try some different messaging to engage new contributors.
    • If you want to put up a site notice that hasn't been posted before, run the idea by the community in the forums first.
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    Edit MediaWiki:Sitenotice to control what logged out visitors will see.
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    Edit MediaWiki:Sitenotice_loggedin to control what logged in visitors will see. If you want it to display the same thing as the logged out site notice, add a hyphen (and nothing else) to the page. (Here's a shortcut - revert to this revision)
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  • Keep the message to 60 characters or less.
  • Having no site notice once in a while is fine.
  • A request for help with RC patrolling should be shown to both logged in and logged out visitors. In the past, several anonymous readers have been drawn in by RC patrol and turned out to be great contributors.


  • Double and triple check your formatting. This message will get displayed to everyone who visits wikiHow, so we want to make sure it looks good and works properly!

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