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wikiHow has two RSS feeds. One of them is strictly for articles that have been chosen for featuring on the home page, and should not be edited by anyone except for a few people. The other feed, however, contains the same content as the main RSS feed, along with additional titles, all of which get published to wikiHow's social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Any admin can edit the microblog feed in the spirit of adding good wikiHow articles our readers will want to see.


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    Choose a title to add the the microblog feed.
    • The article should be high quality. Think of FAs as having a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Microblog articles should be at least 4 stars.
    • Former FAs can be chosen when they tie in to current events or holidays. (E.g. adding a title about gift wrapping around Christmas)
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    Go to the microblog feed. Check to make sure the title you've chosen hasn't been featured recently by searching for a keyword (CTRL + F). Click the "Edit" tab at the top of the page.
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    Find the date you want for the title. Paste the URL after the featured articles (usually the first two titles listed for that date). Give it its own date heading. It's important to maintain the format of the heading because any modification (even just adding a few spaces between the "==" and the date) can make the entry not work. It should look like this:

    [[Image:Edit the Microblog RSS Feed Step 3 Version 4.jpg|center]] #

    Not like this:

    == 2010-01-26 ==
    [[Image:Edit the Microblog RSS Feed Step 4 Version 4.jpg|center]] #

    Nor like this:


    [[Image:Edit the Microblog RSS Feed Step 5 Version 4.jpg|center]] #
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    Add a display title (optional). By default, the title will show up as "How to ---" followed by a shortened link. But sometimes, changing the title can make it more appealing to readers. If the article is holiday-related, for example, you can write "It's [holiday]! Here's How to ---" Just add the display title right after the URL. (Just make sure it's no longer than 100 characters, so everything will fit in our Twitter updates and leave enough room for people to retweet us without cutting us off.) Here's how it would look on the microblog feed:

    == 2010-01-26 ==
    # 9 Herbal Remedies for Rosacea
    • Follow the same capitalization standards as with article titles (the first word and all major words have the first letter capitalized).
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    Click the "Publish" button. Double check that the entry is formatted properly.


  • The URL will be shortened automatically.
  • You cannot put more than one URL in an entry.
  • The microblog RSS feed you're editing gets converted into a real RSS feed which you can view here. The titles are pulled periodically throughout the current date, not all at once.
  • To edit the feed, you need to Become a wikiHow Admin first.

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