How to Eat Spam

Three Methods:Cooking with Various TechniquesIncorporating in a DishEating Spam as a Main Dish

Spam is a precooked pork-based product that comes in its iconic can and plastic wrap. It is recognizable and is prized by many cultures around the world.

Method 1
Cooking with Various Techniques

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    Fry the spam. Use a tablespoon of cooking oil in a frying pan. Two minutes on each side over medium heat is enough.
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    Bake the spam. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake the spam for 10 minutes in a 425°F/220°C oven.
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    Microwave the spam. Heat the spam in the microwave for a minute or two.

Method 2
Incorporating in a Dish

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    Use it in a salad or noodle dish. Cut the Spam into short squares or long stripes and garnish your ramen or salad.
    • They can be used in hot or cold noodle dishes.
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    Create a simple rice and spam dish. Sprinkle furikake as a seasoning.
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    Use it as a wonton ingredient. Grate the spam and integrate it into a wonton filling.

Method 3
Eating Spam as a Main Dish

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    Roll spam into sushi form. Explore meat versions of sushi, such as barbecue chicken, ham, and beef [1].
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    Make a spam sandwich. Cut the Spam into slices, fry them, and use in your next sandwich. Pile on your eggs fixed your favorite way for quick breakfast treat.
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    Make a spam musubi. Serve it as a hamburger, but served between layers of rice and nori (seaweed), instead of a bun.
    • Spam in this style may be eaten by itself or with other fillings such as chicken, hot dogs, or ume (Japanese plum).
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    Eat it from the can. Spam is fully cooked, so if you are camping and do not have the proper utensils for making and eating other dishes, just make your dinner out of a can.
    • In different countries, Spam is enjoyed with a side of eggs while camping or traveling.
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    Make spam donuts. Use a circle cookie cutter to create donut-like spam creations and fry them to your liking.


  • Try different varieties. "Spam Classic" is the original flavor, but you may want to try other varieties such as "Spam Lite", "Spam with Bacon", or "Spam Hot and Spicy". There is also Spam Spread, which comes in a spread form instead of slices, and packaged Spam slices called "Spam Singles."
  • Limit your intake of processed meat, as it is high in sodium and saturated fat.
  • Carefully wrap or package unused portions of your Spam treats and refrigerate for later use.

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