How to Eat on Public Transport While Traveling

While on vacation, you may ask yourself how to eat on public transportation while traveling. This may become an issue if your train trip or other means of transportation takes place over the course of many hours and does not give you stops or other amounts of time to eat. Ensuring that you have regular meals, though, will keep you energized and help you enjoy your trip better. So plan ahead, and make sure that you are prepared with money to either purchase food at the station or by packing the food you plan to take with you.


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    Inquire as to whether your means of transportation offers snacks on board or if there are meal stops along the route.
    • If you do not speak the language in the country in which you are traveling, assume that there will be minimal or no stops unless otherwise informed, so make arrangements to carry your own food items.
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    Pack yourself healthy, nonperishable snacks that you can easily store in your backpack or carry-on luggage. Make sure to avoid restricted items (e.g. liquid restrictions at airports).
    • Bring snacks from home such as energy bars or travel mix to give you a high-calorie boost while you travel. Beef jerky, single servings of chips or cookies, or packing a sandwich are other options.
    • Stock up on travel snacks while you are in a more populated area if your trip will take you through a rural setting that will prohibit you from finding what you need.
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    Buy food travel items to help you carry your snacks. This can include a thermos for drinks or a small insulated food bag. Insulated items will let you pack now and eat later by keeping the food thermoregulated.
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    Drink plenty of bottled water on your trip to help you stay hydrated and energetic. Packing a sports drink is another alternative.
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    Arrive early if you want to try to purchase items at the station. You can typically purchase food from public vendors and also obtain the necessary utensils there as well. Make sure that you packed plenty of snack items, though, in case you find that there are no vendors selling items at the station.


  • Follow any posted signage or instructions from the travel attendants. If it is posted not to eat on the plane, train, subway or other mode of transportation in that country, abide by the rules to avoid trouble.
  • Observe what the other passengers are doing if you can't tell what is posted. Watch what they are eating to prepare for next time, but also look and observe how discrete they are being with the food and/or if anyone is eating at all. If it appears that no one else is eating, you should probably refrain from eating as well until you get to your next stop.

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