How to Eat Less During a Meal

Many people feel like they eat too much during meals, as they often are unaware of when they become full. Though you shouldn't starve yourself, you should eat a healthy portion. Here is some information on how.


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    Fill up with water. Drink a glass of water before you eat or keep a glass next to you whilst eating. Studies have proven that if you drink a glass of water before your meal you will become full sooner.
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    Take smaller portions at first. You can go back later if you are honestly still hungry, but taking too much at your first helping often causes you to want to eat what you have right in front of you so easily accessible on your plate. Only take what you can eat, and if someone is serving you, remind them that you don't want a large portion.
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    Remember some time or another, somebody may offer you a second plate of food. If you are that hungry, take it, but if you are already full, kindly put down the offer.
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    Don't feel forced to finish your plate! If you can't eat all that food, thank the host(ess), but apologize and say that you couldn't possibly finish it. If you tend to pick at food when you're not hungry-shake salt over your plate after you've decided you're finished!
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    Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful! Don't feel as if it is a race. Chew carefully and bring up conversation. Eating slowly helps you know when you are hungry and full, and will help you control yourself. It is also healthier, and will reduce the risk of indigestion.
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    Limit yourself to small bites. Taking smaller mouthfuls will make the meal seem to last longer. If you are not good at socializing, read the newspaper during a meal to distract you, but only if you know that you will eat slowly while doing so. Eating slowly also provides time for the food to digest, making you fuller faster.
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    Go with small volume. Use a smaller plate or a tiny bowl. It may seem pointless, but when you are eating you may feel obliged to finish what is on your plate, so naturally, if your plate is smaller so are the proportions, therefore, making you eat less.


  • Talk to a doctor if you feel as if you are always hungry and can't stop yourself from eating. Also, talk to your doctor if you have any other eating or digestion problems.
  • Make sure you eat enough. Being anorexic can cause death and is a severe life-threatening issue.

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