How to Eat in Munich on the Cheap

Munich, Germany's third largest city, is known for its beer, stately architecture, and fun-loving people. It can also be quite expensive to visit, especially during its busiest season, Oktoberfest, when millions of visitors flock to the 200-year-old festival. If you are looking for a way to enjoy visiting this bustling, historic city without spending a lot of money, you will want to discover how to eat in Munich on the cheap.


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    Shop at an open-air food market and purchase a variety of picnic food such as fresh vegetables, locally produced meats and cheeses, breads and desserts. Then you can enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the city's many parks, spending considerably less than you would at a restaurant, but still partaking in local cuisine. The Viktualien Market, located near the Marienplatz, is a popular place for locals and visitors to shop. Supermarkets or Bakeries are even cheaper. Ask locals where to find them, most Germans speak English.
    • This is an especially thrifty option when in Munich during warmer months. As long as you buy your beverage, you are free to bring in food and enjoy the fun and festive atmosphere in one of the many biergartens (beer gardens), which are frequented by locals and tourists alike and are a "must" during your Munich experience. Don't forget to try Brezn (Pretzels)!
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    Schedule your largest meals of the day for lunchtime when the same restaurant food offered at dinner is often available for half the price. Ask for the "Mittags-Menue."
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    Eat like a local by purchasing some of Munich's famous sausages and other Bavarian specialties from street vendors or at restaurants called "Gastst├Ątten." Weisswurst is a mild veal sausage served as a late breakfast food.
    • Other relatively inexpensive foods available from street vendors include "leberkaessemmeln" (an inexpensive meal made up of a white roll filled with a slice of "Leberkaese" or a spicy mix of veal and pork), Bavarian cakes and pastries bought by the slice from any of the many bakeries and vendors, and soft pretzels.
    • Eat Italian or some other type of non-traditional food to the region as this is often the least expensive food found in Munich. In addition to Italian, Turkish and Indian food are generally the least expensive. Since Munich has a large Turkish population, this cuisine is especially accessible. Try an inexpensive "Doener Kebab" made up of hot roasted lamb or veal, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and spicy sauce on bread.
    • Visit the "mensas" that cater to students near the university. Inexpensive student fare can be discovered around Leopoldstrasse, Ludwigstrasse, or Turkenstrasse, for example.
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    Rent or sublet an apartment and cook your own food. This is an especially viable option during Oktoberfest when everything, including hotels and restaurants, are more expensive than other times of the year. Book early and you should see a sizable savings in your food budget by fixing it yourself in your rented pad.
    • For help finding a rental property for your stay in Munich, contact a Munich Tourist Office, such as the one located at City Hall (Marienplatz 2, 80331 Munchen) or at the Main/Central Train Station (Mahnhofsplatz 2, 80335 Munchen).


  • The standard tip in Munich is about 5 to 10 percent.
  • Bring cash when visiting beer tents during Oktoberfest (held in late September and early October) since credit cards aren't always accepted.

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