How to Eat Healthy when Traveling

It's hard not to nibble on chips when you're hungry, particularly on a trip. Here are some tips on how to tackle eating healthily when you're traveling.


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    Pack an appropriate amount of food if you're on a car trip. This will help you avoid stopping for junk food and gas station snacks. Start by figuring out if you will be in the car during a time when you usually eat.
    • Prepare or buy some on-the-go foods to take with you. If you are skipping lunch, pack a salad, wrap, or burrito. If you're skipping breakfast, you could try a sandwich, bagel, fruit or maybe a cereal bar of your choice.
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    • For snacks in between, you can pack a wide variety of things! For instance: fruit, a granola bar, pop chips, fruit salad, celery or carrot sticks with ranch dressing.
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    Take a similar approach if you're traveling by air or train. While many transport providers will have food on offer, it may cost extra (particularly on shorter flights and on train rides), and it isn't always very healthy or appetizing. If you want to ensure you have healthy snacks or even meals on hand, bring your own.
    • Beware of the limitations that some airports/airlines/regulation authorities put on carrying liquids through security. In general, your containers for liquids in your carry-on luggage have to be 3 ounces or less, so avoid bringing drinks or liquid-based snacks that they won't allow you to carry through the check-point.
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    Take time to eat slowly. When you're traveling, particularly on a car ride, it can be tempting to wolf down your food on the go. This encourages over-eating and snacking, and isn't very healthy. Try to stop as many times as you can so you can eat and stretch out, especially if you're driving.
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    Plan and budget for food on your trip. Whether you're concerned about eating healthily in transit or on a longer trip, planning can make a big difference. It's often tempting to believe that the only cheap food is junk food, and so people on trips often end up eating unhealthily to save money. However, if you plan carefully, prepare a budget, and research healthy food options on your route or at your destination, it is possible to eat healthily and stay under your spending limits. Just don't leave the food decisions to the last minute, or you might end up at a fast food joint.
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    Enjoy some treats. Chances are, if you're traveling, you're on vacation (or on business, in which case hopefully your employer is paying!). It's okay to allow yourself some treats in either situation. Being healthy is important, but the best health practices involve moderation. Don't starve yourself or deny yourself all the joys of the local cuisine. Keep health in mind, but don't let it determine everything you do; go out for some delicious food, too, between the healthy snacks.
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    Beware of differing food safety standards in different countries. Not all regions prepare food the same way, and traveling in a new region, you may be more susceptible to some of the pathogens in the water or local foods than the residents of that area. If you see food that looks particularly strange or you're in an area known for unsafe drinking water, be careful what you consume.


  • Try to buy or make snacks the night before!

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