How to Eat a Nectarine

Nectarines are a delicacy among fruits; a luxurious taste combined with a juicy softness and divine fragrance; eating them is a heavenly experience. Nectarines are delicious eaten as they are or they make superb additions to fruit salads and for those who enjoy baking, there is nothing quite as tasty as a nectarine cake. Here are some tips to make enjoying your nectarine a little easier.


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    Make sure that the nectarine that you are about to eat is ripe. A tart one can ruin the whole experience.
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    Wash the nectarine with cold water.
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    Take a small knife and cut the nectarine into halves. The pit (stone) should be sitting in the middle of one half of the nectarine.
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    Use clean hands to take the pit (stone) out of the "pit half". It should come right out if it's ripe. If not, see "Tips".
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    Take the two halves of the nectarine. These will now contain all fruit "meat" without any pit.
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    Use any method you like to eat it. You may enjoy slicing it into smaller sections or you may simply enjoy biting into the two halves. Whatever you choose, savor the taste.
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    Clean up by throwing the pit away and wash your hands if they became sticky.
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  • Sprinkling a bit of brown sugar on top makes a great dessert.
  • It is crucial to make sure that the nectarine is ripe. You can tell this by seeing if it is slightly squishy; it should also be very fragrant.
  • There is no harm eating a nectarine without cutting it. Wash it well and simply be careful when biting near the pit (stone) that you don't accidentally bite into. Sometimes the pit comes apart with age; just remove the broken pieces. Do not eat them.
  • If the nectarine is not ripe, use a knife to remove the pit (stone). Cook with the unripe nectarine - stew it with some sugar and it will taste fine.


  • Don't go around pressing hard on nectarines in the store to test ripeness; this bruises them for everyone else. Be gentle, or ask the grocer for advice.
  • Always be careful when using a knife.

Things You'll Need

  • A ripe nectarine
  • A sharp knife
  • A water source to wash the nectarine and your hands

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