How to Eat a Healthy Diet Inexpensively

You want to eat a healthy diet, but you are not sure how to begin or you think it may be too costly. You may have seen the organic health foods with prohibitive price tags. Well, the good news is, it is indeed possible to eat a healthy diet that costs less than its unhealthy alternatives.


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    Stack up on whole grains in bulk. Oatmeal is a great choice as it is easy to make (you can just microwave for 1-5 min), and it is relatively cheap (e.g. you can buy a large box for only $1.79 in some stores, for a cost of only about 15 cents per meal). Brown rice is another good option, but it takes longer to cook (usually an hour).
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    Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and select amongst the least expensive. Fresh cabbage is a great choice and usually costs less than other vegetables.
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    Buy oil in bulk to find the ones with lowest unit price (price per certain quantity). Olive oil is healthy and tastes good, but it could be expensive. Canola oil is another good choice.
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    Cook your oatmeal (or rice or some other cheap whole grain), wash and steam or lightly boil your vegetables, add oil, enjoy a piece of fruit, and you are well on your way to eating a healthy, yet inexpensive, diet!
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    Eat protein as an accent. Eat a small portion of protein rounded out with a whole grain. A classic example is red beans and rice. You could also eat chicken and noodles or perhaps a stir-fry served over rice.


  • You will probably need to shop around various supermarkets and stores to find the best prices.
  • Keep track of how much you spend on food overall and the specific types of food each week, and see if there are ways to cut down on cost if needed.
  • Generic un-packaged and fresh produce are generally much cheaper than processed or prepared food. After all, foods that come in nice packages are generally prepared by for-profit companies whose No. 1 interest is to maximize their profit margins!


  • Avoid eating out in restaurants as much as possible. Restaurant food is usually both unhealthy and very costly.

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