How to Ease Acid Reflux With a Change in Diet

Food choices can have a huge impact on acid reflux symptoms and for most people unwise food choices are at the root of their symptoms. So by making some small alterations in diet acid reflux symptoms can be reduced or eliminated


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    First if you think you are suffering from acid reflux get your doctor to diagnose the condition. There are other more serious conditions that can lead to similar symptoms and these need to be ruled out.
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    Keep a food diary for two weeks. This means writing down everything you eat for two weeks and making a note of how you feel and what symptoms are experienced. Also include what activities you were doing.
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    At the end of the two weeks review your notes for any common elements that may be triggering your acid reflux symptoms and then eliminate or reduce these factors.
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    Consult your doctor or a nutritionist so they can advise a new food plan based on the findings from your two-week review. This will ensure you are getting all the necessary nutrients.
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    Avoid eating late at night. Allow at least 2-3 hours between eating and going to bed.


  • Continue keeping a note of anything you eat that triggers your symptoms so you are aware of what to avoid
  • If you're overweight, losing the excess pounds can be all it takes to eliminate the reflux, another reason to pay attention to your diet.


  • Acid reflux can turn into esophageal cancer. It is not something to play around with, or to avoid treating.
  • Ensure you have acid reflux formally diagnosed before trying to treat with dietary means or any other self help method.

Things You'll Need

  • Notebook or diary for keeping a record of food, activity and symptoms.

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