wikiHow to Earn the Trust of a Feral Kitten

Want to befriend a feral kitten? It is hard and takes a long time but the reward is totally worth it. Warning: Extremely detailed!


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    Make sure the kitten is a kitten. This is extremely important because the supposed kitten might be a small adult cat and those are much harder to tame. You can do this by offering KMR and food at the same time. Older cats will accept the food first before the milk. You can also hear it meow, the kitten will have a higher pitch than a cat.
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    If the cat is indeed a kitten, make sure it is feral. This is easy. You can do 3 things, see how skinny the kitten is, offer it food, and/or walk near it. (If you pick the 3rd option, do not touch the kitten ever unless it offers its head.) If the cat is sleek and well fed or fat for a stray, it is not feral. If the kitten accepts the food with you near it or with you outside, it might must be a stray or skittish. If the kitten lets you near it, again, it is not feral.
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    If the kitten is feral, rub your scent over a can of food by touching it everywhere you can. Do the same with KMR. This is also important because the kitten will associate you with food. As it gets older, add roast beef to the mix. Use roast beef if possible because kittens like the smell better and it has more nutrients. Ham will work if you don't have roast beef. After you put the food out, go back inside and wait to the kitten finishes it. It might not accept the food the first time so keep trying. Repeat this step at least 15 times to establish a bond with it through food.
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    After you did that step 15 times, you can go outside but keep your distance, the kitten is feral and it might attack. It is a good idea to bring a book out and it is vital that you make yourself as small as possible. This will make you look less menacing. If you decide to not bring a book, talk to the cat softly, make your tone quiet and soft. It will soon realize you are not dangerous.
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    After about a month, the kitten will let you closer and closer. Try moving closer to it by 6 inches (15.2 cm) every five days, remember to move slowly and quietly. If it runs, go back a couple of inches and do not stare, as to a cat, staring is considered rude or as a threat. Still do not attempt to touch unless the kitten approaches you.
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    After two months, if you are close enough to touch the kitten, offer it meat but keep it in your hand. Do not stare! If it accepts, touch its head as lightly and as slowly as possible. If it runs, put the meat down and back off. Try it again the next day.
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    After about three or four months you can try to pet it. If it trusts you enough to rub against you, you may try holding it but it isn't smart enough to do. If the kitten likes you, put food in a cage and once it goes in, close it. You will have to take it to the vet. Afterwards, you may keep it or give it a home. Do not let it outside for a few days. In that time, play with it and love it. Basically, spoil it. Then, if it still wants outside, let it go, it might come back, it most likely will and let in your house at night.


  • Meow at the cat if it gets scared by sudden noises, doesn't always work but it might help.
  • 4 months is usually the best amount of time but it really depends on the kitten.
  • KMR is better heated up 5 seconds.
  • Roast beef is better for the cat when put in KMR and taken back out.


  • Remember to always wash your hands after contact!
  • The kitten is feral and will bite if cornered.

Things You'll Need

  • Cage
  • 2 or 3 food bowls small enough for a kitten.

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