How to Earn Friendships Back

Have you ever said something to someone that made them hate you? Find out how to earn the friendship back and gain their respect!


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    Realize that you have done something wrong to make the person fall out with you. The first stage is to accept that you are in the wrong and to figure out what you did to upset or offend the person.
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    Talk to the person and tell them that you understand what you have done wrong to them, you are really sorry for doing it and you really want to be friends again. Understand that they may not want to be friends again straight away. Think about what you are going to say before you say it. An insincere or vague apology is often worse than no apology at all.
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    Give them some time to mull over your apology and come to terms with what you have said. A few days later, try again. Ask the person if you can be friends, or at least talk again, and ask them to give you a chance. It is going to take a long time to earn their trust and friendship back and if you are really determined, you have to work at it. If they still say no, give them space and don't pester them. Move on and find someone else to be friends with.
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    Give your friend a 'Sorry' card or a gift, such as chocolate. This could help your friend realize you are sorry, or it could make them think you are trying to buy their friendship. You should only do this if you know your friend well and know they would react well to this.
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    Understand that if they agree to give you a chance, be a really great friend to them. Don't upset them or offend them, be nice to them (but don't over-do it), try your best to be a good friend. Don't expect them to confide in you straight away, and realize that it will take time for it to get back to normal.


  • If your friend doesn't respond to your apology, then leave them alone for a while to think things through. Don't continuously pester your friend, as they could feel worse about you.
  • It's okay if you don't get a response. Don't lose you hope in being their friend. Give them a day or two to cool down and think about it.
  • After a day or two, and they don't respond just try and make a knew friend. Even though you might still miss them, try and not think about them that much and move on with the best times you have. Also, if you fall out with someone it means they're not a truly good friend.


  • If you become friends again, do not do the thing that made you fall out again. You will only get one more chance in most cases, so don't ruin it!

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