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Receiving your Masters of Business Administration (MBA) can greatly advance your career. However, many people will have to work while they are in school. The following tips can help you figure out how to earn an MBA while working.


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    Discuss flexible work options with your boss.
    • It never hurts to ask your boss if there is any chance for a flexible schedule. A 4-day, 10-hour-per-day schedule may be beneficial to you. So may a day you can work from home. Your boss will be more flexible if receiving your MBA will ultimately benefit your place of business. If your company doesn't realize how your higher education will benefit them, be sure to make it clear so they will work with you to make it all happen successfully.
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    Stay organized.
    • Along with more responsibility come more commitments. If you didn't keep a planner before you started school, now is the time to start. Keep careful track of when assignments are due, when you have important meetings for work and when you have made time to do something social. Without a planner, it would be very difficult to keep track of all of the different facets of your life.
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    • You'll have to get better at saying no. With all of the added work you will have for school, on top of the work you already have for your career, you may have to let a few of the optional commitments in your life go. For example, you may have to skip this year's softball season or your traditional Friday night happy hour.
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    Be realistic.
    • Allot more time than you really think you'll need when you need to set aside time for getting a combination of your school and job work done. Booking yourself too tightly can lead to added stress that won't help you get anything done. Setting a realistic timeline for yourself will make you more effective and keep you on track with the goals you have set.
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    Adjust your sleep schedule.
    • Unfortunately, you may need more hours in the day than you're used to. If you have a family, the hours after bedtime may be some of your most precious. Although, in the short-term, you may have to go on less sleep, it will pay off when you become more accomplished in any given 24-hour period.
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    Use your lunch break wisely.
    • You'd be surprised how much an added hour, or even just a half-hour, each work day can add up. Utilizing every extra moment you have to study will make you that much more productive. Pack your lunch rather than going out to make the best use of every possible minute.
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    Online MBA could help you gain better positions in your concern.
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