How to Dye Carnations

This is an article on how to dye carnations. Carnations are VERY easy to dye and also very impressive. They're perfect for a centerpiece if a date is coming over or just to brighten your room.


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    Go to the store and buy WHITE carnations. Sure, the other colors are pretty but only the WHITE ones will work for this. Why you may ask? Well because the other colors have already been dyed and the WHITE ones are the only pure color that you can change to any color you want.
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    Once you get the flowers home from the store, trim the ends of the Carnations. You want to do to do this because it will be easier for the Carnations to absorb the dye.
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    Pour a cup of water into a vase or glass.
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    Add food coloring to the water. You can add however much dye you want. It really doesn't matter.
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    Leave the Carnations in the water for a couple of hours. You want the Carnations to absorb as much of the dye as they can so that you have brilliantly, bright, colors.
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    Put them on your table or where ever you want them and enjoy the beauty of your beautiful Carnations.
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  • Make sure not to trim the bottoms too much or else it won't work as well.

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