How to Drop Spin a Flag

Have you seen people spin flags in marching bands and wish you could emulate it? Here's one simple move that is fun and pretty to look at.


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    Hold flag so that the silk (fabric) is up. Put right hand where the silk ends (typically halfway down the pole, on the tape) and hold it so that your thumb is pointing up and pressed against the pole.
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    Turn right wrist,counterclockwise allowing the top of the pole to drop down, so the the silk side is now on the bottom and the bare side is on top.
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    Grab the pole with your left hand, directly underneath your right hand. The knuckles of your right hand should be pointing left, and the knuckles of your left hand should be pointing right. Both palms should be facing out.
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    Let go with your right hand. It is very important that you do this correctly! Most people mess up here.
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    Turn your left wrist so that the top of the flag comes up and is now, again where it was when you started. Grab with your right hand straight on, palm facing left.
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  • Even when you mess up make sure you still smile!
  • It is also important to know that when the silk is up, your thumbs are pointing up and when the silk is down, your thumbs are pointing down.
  • Spin so that the flag is at your belly button. Any higher and it will look weird. Plus, your arms get tired easier if they're way up at you chest.
  • Most beginners have problems with the flag eventually rolling up. This happens because with every revolution, they are slight twisting the pole. To stop this from happening, concentrate on grabbing the flag on the downswing with your thumb and first finger grabbing the seam of the silk each time.
  • Start out practicing indoors or in a garage. When you feel more comfortable, try spinning outside with the wind.
  • This is a right drop spin, so you can actually see spins going the other way.
  • Make sure that your thumb is always facing the silk.
  • Make sure to press your thumbs, and both thumbs should be "thumbs up".
  • Keep your arms close to your body, don't look like your flying.
  • When doing them, make sure you bring the flag down to your belly bottom to avoid having your arms getting tired quicker.


  • Keep flag flat and even, you should be able to spin against a wall.
  • Do not move your elbows. This is cheating, is considered bad technique it also gets you really tired.
  • Make sure that the wind doesn't blow the silk to the pole, causing what's called a sail.
  • Be careful not to put holes in the ceiling, and don't hit people nearby.

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