How to Drink Tea

Drinking tea is a simple British tradition that, coincidentally, happens to taste extremely delicious with plain biscuits. Though it may sound ordinary, the warmth and pleasant feeling it delights you with is cherished by many. This article shall represent the correct way to drink plain British tea!


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    Understand the tradition of tea. Tea is an aromatic beverage, consumed worldwide, hot or cold. Many believe that all British people drink it; however, that is a stereotype which is not true. Many countries have their own versions of tea; for example, some people leave plain tea leaves to float in the boiled water.
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    Make the tea before anything.
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    Feel relaxed whilst the caffeine energizes you. Though the warmth relaxes you, the caffeine still energizes you. Be aware that later on, a buzz crash will occur and you will feel tiresome, possibly more than before. Reading a calm book whilst sipping on tea is a known method for calming your nerves and feel slightly drowsy.
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    Drinking cold Tea. Cold tea is great for summers, as it give =s you the appropriate energy to combine with the solar energy. Drink it as if it is water, so don't sip. Take large mouthfuls and you will feel much more refreshed than if you had sipped at it.
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    Don't attempt to drink it all at once. Like carbonated drinks, it will either not digest entirely or make you feel slightly nauseated. If the tea is rich, it will not benefit you if you drink it all right away, but it will make you feel terrible for the next hour or so.
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    Choose the brand appropriate for your taste. If you prefer tea to help get rid of illnesses or to induce sleep, herbal/decaffeinated brands are sold at any decent supermarket. Choosing a weak tea if you are easily nauseated is better than buying an extremely strong tea that may be overwhelming to your taste-buds.
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    Serve tea at social events. Afternoon tea is a popular way of listening in on the recent news whilst enjoying your preferred tea with company. Garden parties, as well as mild alcohol and food, may serve tea for more sophisticated guests.
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    Savor and enjoy the tea. Relax and develop a calm breathing method, sipping the tea every so often. This calms your brain, softens the caffeine and allows your body to accept and love the beverage.

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