How to Drink Milk if You Hate It

Many people simply do not like milk, no matter how many advertisements promise eternal bone protection and no matter how many others treat milk like it's a glass of water. People who don't like milk complain that it smells bad, tastes terrible, and that its origins are off-putting. Some people hate milk so much that merely being near it is enough to trigger a desire to throw up.[1]

Yet, there may be times when you can't avoid it, whether it's because your parents, friends, or spouse keep insisting you take your daily milk ration, or you're traveling and there is simply nothing else to have in its stead. If you hate milk, but you're forced to drink it, there are a few steps you can take to make it taste less offensive.


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    Check your health. If you don't like milk, you should first consider checking if you are lactose intolerant or maybe even allergic to milk. You could try do this with a simple test in a clinic. Do not drink milk if you feel sick after it. Don't do something if you feel it's not right for you.
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    Chill it. Milk at room temperature will smell considerably worse than ice-cold milk straight from the fridge.
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    What kind of milk is it? If you're drinking full-fat milk, you might find semi-skimmed or even skimmed far more suitable. Many people can drink one, but find another to have a stronger or different taste. You could even try soy milk, coconut milk or some other variant, depending on the use.
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    Flavor it. Can you make it taste less like milk by adding something delicious such as milkshake powder, a syrup, a juice, or even mashed up or blended fruit? Use whatever delicious food item you can find in the pantry or on the buffet table to make it taste better!
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    Drink it out of the carton, it makes it more fun. Juice, or even mashed up or blended fruit? Use whatever delicious food item you can find in the pantry or on the buffet table to make it taste better!
    • If you have milkshake powder, mix in about half a teaspoon more than advised on the packet, to disguise the taste as much as possible.
    • Your favorite chocolate melted into milk can be really delicious and it may not even taste like you're having milk at all. Of course, this is not such a healthy breakfast option!
    • For those who don't like chocolate, try strawberry syrup. The benefit is red milk and a good taste!
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    Ignore it. Try pinching your nose when you drink it; this may help to lessen the taste impact.
    • Try to get it to go straight down your throat, and don't let it linger in your mouth. It will taste a thousand times worse if you leave it to swill around your mouth.
    • Or, be really cheeky and promise to consume your milk if it's "inside" a cake or a cookie (the ultimate "masking")!
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    Soak up as much milk as possible in another food. For example, dunk it in bread or cookies and let them soak up the milk.
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    Minimize it. Pour as little as possible onto your cereal and use the smallest glass possible for drinking from. Taking the least amount possible will reduce the unpleasantness.
    • Only consume about a teaspoon of liquid at a time. That way, the taste will not be too offensive, and it will be confined to a smaller area of your mouth.
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    Chase it down with something tasty. If you drink it quickly, then eat something you do enjoy, this will help to get rid of the taste. For example, drink the glass of milk, then eat the cookies or apple straight after.
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    Substitute it. If you are being forced to consume milk on the grounds that it's good for your growing bones or calcium intake, find a substitute and have a clear-headed discussion with your parents, spouse, doctor, nutritionist, etc., about the benefits of changing to non-dairy milk or substitute drinks. Many soy, rice, and oat milk substitutes for example come fortified with calcium and other necessary daily nutrients.


  • If you're a parent and your kids hate milk, seriously consider no longer forcing it on them. There are plenty of healthy alternatives to milk that will still ensure they get their requisite nutrients.
  • Drink soy milk! Soy milk is a replacement for cow's milk. Soy milk is plant-based and some sources claim it to be healthier than regular milk because, in nature, no species would ordinarily drink another species' milk. If you're not a fan of soy milk, there's rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk, and many others!
  • You can also add honey to it.
  • Rice Milk is very good. Either plain or with vanilla flavoring. Soy milk has natural estrogen which men do not need. And remember, humans are the only animal that drink other animals milk.
  • Some people may suggest that you try goat's milk instead. Unfortunately, if you hate milk because of its taste, you're unlikely to like goat's milk in its stead because it doesn't taste that different from cow's milk.[2] However, it does not smell, and if it does, it means there is something wrong with it. And for those who simply dislike the source of milk being from another species, swapping species doesn't help any!
  • Milk is good for strong bones, teeth development, etc. but so are many other foods. Do some research into the many food types that offer the same great nutrients as milk, such as cheese, butter, tofu, soy yogurts, fortified bread, fortified orange juice, dark leafy green vegetables, sesame seeds, broccoli, and small-boned fish.[3]


  • Avoid warming milk before drinking it. If you hate milk, this takes things from bad to disgusting, especially when the skin forms on top of it!
  • Try to distinguish whether this dislike of milk may be a mild allergy: if mild allergies are triggered often enough, they can turn more serious. About 5 percent of the population is allergic to milk.[4] Moreover, you shouldn't have to suffer a life of bloating, flatulence, pain, and other problems because you cannot tolerate milk. Speak with your doctor as soon as possible to identify whether milk is a cause and to find out what to do about it.

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