How to Drink Less Bottled Water

Using a water bottle only once and then throwing it away, or yes, even recycling it, is bad for the environment, costly, and gives windfall profits to the people who sell basic life-sustaining necessities as consumer products.


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    Don't buy bottled water in the first place. Drink municipal water. If you don't trust your municipal water, you have options to be proactive: 1. Add a water filter to your home water supply or the kitchen faucets; 2. Write to the local government and insist that the water supplies be improved - ask for readings of chemicals in your drinking water.
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    If you must buy bottled water, limit it to really good reasons. You might be traveling, suddenly feel faint or sick and need water, for example. But this doesn't take place of forward-thinking measures, such as remembering to fill a container with water and to keep it filled wherever you go.
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    Get water container bottles made of durable materials. There are a lot of funky designs on reusable water bottles nowadays. You can make a statement with your water bottle if you want. The best thing is that not only can you refill this at drinking spigots or water dispensers but you are also a walking advertisement for doing the right thing. Pat yourself on the back!
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    Write your name on the bottle you use with a permanent marker. Wash it occasionally.
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    Encourage your family and friends to do the same. Get them to question that water bottle usage and to think twice. Buy them a funky water bottle for their birthday.
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    Once you're in the habit of avoiding buying bottled water, start thinking about other drinks that you purchase in bottles...
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    Write to companies like Coca-Cola Amatil and tell them to stop bottling faucet water and selling it as a commodity. This is seriously unacceptable and the more people who complain, the better. Demand also that your municipality improve its water supplies and don't forget to put in a word for indigenous communities whose local water supplies are often tainted.


  • Read the labels to find out just which company is bottling your water. You'll be astonished that those previously fond of making sugar water are now just selling water too. And flavored water isn't any better; it's bad for your teeth, your circulatory system, your environment. Be an informed consumer.
  • Crochet a groovy bottle holder shoulder sling - that way you can carry your durable water bottle wherever you go without it bothering you. This is perfect for short hikes when you don't want to carry too much.
  • If you do use bottled water, reuse them as often as possible. Wash them, and reuse them, a single bottle can be used up to 100 times before it starts to feel used.

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