How to Drink Beer and Lose Weight

Drink beer every day and lose weight. Lose as much as you want at your own speed, while enjoying your favorite beer.


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    Choose your beer wisely. The calorie count varies greatly. Something like Guinness - a pint is 125 calories. If you are a Sam Adams fan, that's 160 calories for their Boston Lager.
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    Choose whether you want to drink 1 or 2 beers a day.
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    Do a few simple healthy tricks to offset the extra calories. Eat an apple before your evening meal and a banana for breakfast. Drink soup before your meals. Have a cracker and a glass of water before your meals. These simple tricks take down your calories about 15-25%.
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    Exercise a little like go for walk, etc.
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    If you want more, go to YouTube and type Guinness Lifestyle in the search box. Find the videos done by the Guinness Lifestyle channel.


  • Drink a good beer.
  • Live every day to the fullest.
  • Eat a bit healthier.
  • Exercise a little more.


  • Don't drink if you are under 21.

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