How to Drill Straight

This article will teach you the only way To ensure a hole is drilled straight. I put this up to show how to drill dice to "load" them, without having holes intersect in dice causing cracking.


  1. 1
    Find a drill press.
  2. 2
    If you do not have one and cannot find one to use, a vise will work, but the chance to mess up is increased.
  3. 3
    (With drill press) place the dice in the vise or holding device at the bottom of the drill press as far down as you can so that it is held by the maximum amount of surface area possible by the holding device. Snug up the fit slightly, not tight.
  4. 4
    Take a level and check on all sides to be sure it is level.
  5. 5
    If you are using just a vise and drill the process is the same.
  6. 6
    once you make sure the dice is level on all sides then slowly tighten just enough to hold it, without cracking and check for level again.
  7. 7
    Once level, make sure the bit is no bigger than the size of the dots on the dice, insert into the drill potion. Same with a drill.
  8. 8
    The drill press should have a depth indicator on it, it was suggested earlier that you only drill 25% of the dice length, you will need to calculate this, it is better to drill 23% and be a little short than too long.
  9. 9
    With the drill press off wheel down the bit, to the dice and see what measurement shows on the press indicator, you can use this to see how deep you are, with a hand drill you will have to just drill a little at a time after the next step.
  10. 10
    Start the drill press or drill and select a high speed. Slowly inch the bit towards the dice until you make contact. Do not use a lot of pressure you need to let the drill do the work.
  11. 11
    Once you penetrate there might be plastic spinning around the bit still connected. Back out the bit while it is running, shut off,and remove plastic. Keep doing this until desired depth is reached. Repeat for each hole needed.
  12. 12
    When using a drill, find a level to attach to the drill to make sure you are drilling straight, and do not apply much pressure, let the drill do the work.

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