How to Dress to Impress During Winter

Winter is probably the hardest season for fashion. It's a lot of cold weather, layers, and bulky coats that hide your figure, which makes trying to impress that certain someone even harder. Here's a few simple ways to make your winter worthwhile.


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    Invest In Some Good Winter Boots. Although expensive, Ugg Boots are amazing for winter! They are cute, comfy, and most of all, will keep your feet warm! They look good with jeans, or tights and a skirt! As for what kind you should get, if you are short or have short legs you should go for the short style of uggs. If you are tall or have long legs you could go for the short style or the tall style! And for color, steer clear of neon or crazy colored uggs. More natural colors such as black, cream, or brown look better in the winter.
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    Trade Out That Ugly Puffy Jacket For A Cute Puffer Vest! Although warm, puffy jackets are just ugly. Trade your jacket for an attractive and equally warm puffer vest paired with a tight fitting long sleeved scoop neck for a cute, winter look. Buy a new coat If you want to.
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    Accessorize! Winter is the perfect time to accessorize with cute scarves and matching hats! You can't go wrong with dark burgundy, cream, or brown colored scarves and hats, but you could also go for a colorful or printed design, as long as it goes with your outfit! Also, go for large hoop earrings, preferably gold, because gold looks best with winter colors.
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    Do winter Makeup. For your makeup, go for a darker look with dark mascara and a darker shade of lip gloss. Specifically for your eyes, go for a silver or shiny light blue eyeliner. Apply it to the lower lash line (you can smudge it if you want a more natural look) and then apply a black eyeliner to the top lash. Use a frosty white or sparkly washed out blue eyeshadow and finish off the eye with some black mascara. Use a pink blush to create a rosy cheek effect and if you want to use lipgloss, use a light pink color.
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    Wear JEANS! Jeans are going to be your best friend during winter. They are sturdy, practical and adorable. Make sure to stock up on skinny jeans in all washes for winter!
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    Remember, Leather Boots + Leg Warmers = ADORABLE! These are definitely awesome for winter. Super cute, super chic, and super warm! Grab some leather boots in black or brown and some leg warmers and hit the streets! This look looks great with leggings and a skirt or some super skinny jeans in a dark wash.
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    Style your Hair. Loose barrel curls is absolutely adorable in winter, and works well under any cute knit hat. But although keeping your hair down keeps the back of your neck warm, it can also cause a lot of knots and tangles. A Cute messy bun or ponytail is great in winter.


  • Wear boots, jeans, leg warmers and have curly hair.


  • Take care of your skin in winter. You may still need a moisturiser with SPF protection and lip salve to protect lips from drying out or getting chapped.

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