How to Dress Scene With a School Uniform

We all love the scene style, so what do we do when our school requires we wear a uniform? Sometimes school dress codes can be really strict and limit the outfit choices for people who aren't preppy. This article will help you learn how to keep up with scene styles while wearing a school uniform.


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    Know your dress code! You need to know this so you don't break any rules and get into trouble. So, if you have to wear navy blue, khaki, and black pants and only red, white, and blue shirts, don't worry. Or, if you can wear jeans and any colored polo shirt, even better.
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    Have the right clothes. If you have to wear polos, get black, purple, pink, yellow, orange and blue. Wear these in bright colors, like the ones from Aeropostale, but brands don't matter. But if you have to wear white shirts, wear Hollister, Aero, shirts stuff like that.Make sure the polo's are slightly on the large side and not super tight fitting for a more scene look. If you have to wear certain pants, make sure your pants are tight and super skinny leg pants that fit well. Tight doesn't mean too small. If you have to wear skirts, get them on the short side, and wear them as dark as possible. For shoes, wear ballet flats, slip on Vans and high tops. If you have to wear black shoes wear all black converse. But, if you have to wear pastel colors, you can still rock them with black or navy pants and a hoodie. If you can wear jackets, wear a hoodie. Have at least two, one in black and one with a graphic design.
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    Personalize the uniform. Wear a graphic T under a school polo shirt with a little bit showing. Have at least 3 graphic T shirts. Get a few neon rainbow accessories or make your own. Wear earrings that don't quite match like two different colored studs. Wear a Hello Kitty necklace. Your backpack can be anything, preferably a cartoon character. If possible, carry a bag. Wear a hoodie over your school uniform with a graphic T peeking out the bottom and your polo peeking out the top.
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    Have your scene hair. Hair is very important in scene style but school can make it difficult to do your hair the way you want. If there are no rules against the color go ahead and dye your hair something bright, but don't go overboard and get it banned! If you can't have any unnatural colors go black or platinum blonde. Get your hair layered and tease your top layers. Make sure your hair is teased for school! But you can do anything with it from curls to ponytails and pigtails. If you want you can also pin straighten your hair and put some bows in it. Or, leave it the natural color it was when you were born and get some blonde or black highlights (optional) unless you were born a red head, then leave it natural.
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    Do your makeup. Tone down the neon shadow and instead use a more natural color like pink or brown. Use eyeliner and mascara the same as you normally do, but it might be a good idea to tone it down a little for school. Also wear lip gloss and blush.
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    Accessorize! Whatever you do, do not go overboard with jewelry. If you have any visible body piercings on your face, take them out for the day, but earlobes are okay. You can also try neon colored jewelry from Claire's or Hot Topic. You can also try neon nail polish with crazy designs.
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    Neon isn't always scene so don't go too overboard. You should wear a brightly colored shirt with skinny school pants, Converse or flats, a graphic T layered underneath, a hoodie (optional), natural yet scene makeup and neon accessories.
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    Be yourself! Accessorize your outfit and make it you. Don't follow trends- make your own!


  • Be yourself! Accessorize your own way - don't follow trends, make them!
  • Make sure you keep the scene attitude! That's the number one part of being scene
  • Following dress code is a given - and make it a priority, along with your studies!


  • Follow your dress code or you could get in trouble. Nobody likes getting in trouble, now do they?
  • Don't wear anything distracting- you could get in trouble, or even worse- get sent home.

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